Battle of the Crowd (Funding) - Game Wisp vs Patreon

GameWisp is a nice service that caters towards streamers, filling in a niche that needed fine tuning.

For a majority of the people that explore the internet, Patreon is a service that has become a rather widely known name for people who like to follow their favorite creators.

The Services

GameWisp is a similar service to Patreon but it caters to live streamers and their audience, in particular for those on Twitch and YouTube. For those who aren't partnered with Twitch, YouTube or whatever streaming service they are using, GameWisp and Patreon provide a way for streamers to make a living.

Patreon has been around since 2013 and many people are at least familiar with the name. For the creators, the service gives a lot more flexibility when it comes down to what the creators want to offer to the subscribers, but the main issue seems to be that Patreon allows you to offer whatever but doesn't really support you in fulfilling benefits.

GameSkinny has a more in-depth look at Patreon, if you want to know more.

The Breakdown

Patreon is used by YouTubers, as well as musicians, artists and a bunch of other creatives, so it has a wider appeal. Due to the wide appeal however, the niche appeal of GameWisp and it's services stand out.

GameWisp is a service that is far more niche of a service, catering to a smaller overall audience but it provides benefits that aren't available on Patreon. The service itself integrates with Twitch, YouTube and other streaming tools. And for the streamers, GameWisp has a system designed around making benefit fulfillment easier.

It can help streamers keep track of who receives what benefits and when they get it.

They cover charge backs (where people donate/subscribe only to claim it as a false charge for a refund later) for you which is a boon for streamers who might get trolled by false donations/subscriptions.

The Conclusion

Both services are amazing, while GameWisp is just more focused on streamers than Patreon. Both services have their ups and downs but if you're looking for streaming integration, go GameWisp.

If you're looking to support non-streamers Patreon should work for you.


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Published Nov. 8th 2016

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