The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Passes 20 Million Sold

One of the most popular games from the previous generation has hit a new milestone.

If you purchased The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you weren't the only one.

Bethesda has announced that the award-winning role-playing game has sold over 20 million copies since its launch in November 2011. The publisher didn't clarify whether that number indicated sell-in (shipped) or sell-through (sold). Doesn't really matter, though, because 20 million is a very big number, no matter how you slice it.

Skyrim was a game that many RPG lovers just adored. Featuring an absolutely massive world - which has since become a benchmark for future open-world projects - and an engaging, vibrant landscape, there was always something to do. Exploration was a major part of the experience and clearly, that's a big allure for millions of gamers.

The title did suffer through some glitches and bugs, including one on the PlayStation 3 that unfortunately kicked in after Lv. 40 (or so reports indicated). Even so, it managed to sell 3.5 million in its first 48 hours and since that time, it has remained quite popular.

Rumors say Bethesda is currently cranking away on Fallout 4, which is going to boast a post-apocalyptic Boston setting. For the record, the publisher hasn't officially confirmed anything.

Skyrim made hours disappear FAST

I didn't have enough time to finish it, but I remember reviewing it. Hours would slip away faster than I could've ever imagined; I'd look at the clock one minute and then, seemingly minutes later, I'd see that three hours had passed. As far as I'm concerned, that 20 million is well-earned.

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Published Jan. 27th 2014

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