No Man's Sky PC port launches into the ground

Another dysfunctional day one PC port arrives, in the unlikely form of No Man's Sky.

The Sky literally is 'No Man's' today -- at least for thousands of disappointed PC gamers who were ready to play the hugely anticipated title following today's PC launch. At the time of writing, over 50% of Steam reviews are negative, mostly due to crashes on startup, and unstable, low frame rates--In short, issues which are rendering the game literally unplayable for many.

Adding to this frustration is the fact that it's already been a 3-day wait since the PS4's comparatively smooth launch on August 9th. It appears patience has not been rewarded to eager PC gamers.

Sean Murray, who had already received death threats previously for pushing back the release of the game to August, has been active on his Twitter feed and talking about the issue -- there has already been a small patch, followed by advice for PC users to check that their graphics card meets the system requirements, and to update their drivers. Sadly, these suggestions are likely to just fuel the flames of an angry community, and the game's issues are persisting.

As it stands now, the PC community must again be patient in the hopes of coming patches to stabilize the port.


Published Aug. 12th 2016

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