Best Budget Hearthstone Decks for The Witchwood Meta

Witching Beast Druid

The Witchwood offers Druid players a new spell -- Witching Hour. It summons a random friendly beast that died during a match-up. This means that you can utilize this cheap spell, which costs only 3 mana, to summon back some cool beasties, such as Druid of the Claw and Stranglehorn Tiger.

This deck is more on the aggro side, and that's why it has lots of early minions that can be buffed with Power of the Wild and Savage Roar. Tortollan Forager will refill your hand with larger minions for late game, if needed.

Druid of the Scythe and Shellshifter can turn into rather dangerous minions with Stealth quite early in the game. And the two new beasts, Lifedrinker and Night Prowler, will help you deal additional damage in the mid-game.

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Published Apr. 11th 2018

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