Skullgirls Crowdfund Raised Full Funds within 24 Hours

Lab Zero Games' drive was much more successful than predicted.

Thanks to things like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, fundraising has never been more easy. This is especially true if you're game developer Lab Zero Games. As soon as the masterminds behind Skullgirls opened their crowdfund, the money came pouring in.

The goal of this drive was to raise $150k to fund their new character named Squigly. The initial goal was met within the first 24 hours. The ongoing donations will be to fund more new Skullgirls characters, like Big Band.

I secretly hope that that's Bill Clinton under that sax costume.

On the fund site, they go into detail about Squigly's character. In terms of character design and story, she's meant to be Filia's rival. However, these two don't play like Ken and Ryu. Regarding her play style, her and her dragon Leviathan can reach halfway across the screen, use fire, interact with meta items like the health bar, as well as change stances to have access to different moves. No information about Big Band has been released other than him being the only male character so far.

If Big Band's goal of $375k is met, he will be released. The next goal is $400k for his story and stage. After that, the goals are $600k for a character chosen by fan vote. The list contained nothing but silhouettes originally, but for every $20k earned, a silhouette is revealed. The last goal is $625k for the mysterious character's stage and story.

Skullgirls Swag

It's really no surprise that the team behind Skullgirls has had such a successful fund drive. For every increment of cash you donate, you get rewards. Most of them are material goods, like the soundtrack, a code for the PC release, a T-shirt, a poster, etc. but some of them are more interesting than that.

Before this option sold out, for $200 you got to choose between a list of the voice actresses and have them record a voicemail for you. For $1000, you get to have yourself or a custom character appear in the background of a stage.

As much as I was tempted by some of the higher end deals, I was only able to snag the $30 package, which includes a key for the PC release of Skullgirls. If you're a fan of the series, this is the perfect opportunity to contribute to its further development, as well as snag some sweet loot.

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Published Mar. 1st 2013

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