Three Years After Release, Players Are Still Finding Arkham City Easter Eggs

Batman Arkham Videos has found a new easter egg in Arkham City, but not without a bit of help from Rocksteady Studios.

Rocksteady Studio's Batman: Arkham City is a game riddled with secrets. More than three years after its release, Batman Arkham Videos has found yet another  easter egg. The hidden secret revolves around Calendar Man, a less well-known Batman villain who spends most of the game in his prison cell beneath the courthouse.

If you visit Calendar Man on specific dates, you'll hear some unique dialogue about his crimes. For example, if you visit him on Father's Day, he'll tell you how he murdered his Dad and fed the body parts to a shoal of fish. It was always thought that there were 12 hidden speeches from Calendar Man, one for each holiday. Now, a thirteenth speech has been found.

To unlock this secret you'll have to change the date of your console or PC to December 13th 2004. While this may seem to be just a random date, it's actually the day when Rocksteady Studios was founded. Calendar Man's hidden speech heavily references the developer's history: and even hints at its future:

Do you remember my early work? Flawed, but it showed promise. Just like you.

The speech even hints at Rocksteady's final Batman game, Arkham Knight:

The end of days is coming. I was there at your beginning and I will be there at your end.

The fact that this easter egg has stayed secret for so long is pretty impressive, but what's even more crazy is that it was only found with som help from Rocksteady itself. The developer uploaded a video to tease the easter egg, using a fake YouTube account called JG Jour. The account name is code for Julian Gregory Day, which is Calendar Man's full name.

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Published Nov. 24th 2014

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