Pokemon Go User Stabbed and Kept Playing

Michael Baker was playing Pokemon Go when he was stabbed. Instead of going to the hospital he kept playing.

Pokemon Go has been a cultural phenomenon these past few days. It's a worldwide trend. Everywhere you go people are playing the game. However, many of these people fail to read the sentence on the loading screen: "Remember to be alert at all times. Be aware of your surroundings." Michael Baker failed to heed this warning. On Monday morning, he was stabbed while playing Pokemon Go.

Fox 12 reports that Michael Baker was playing the game at one am in Forest Grove, Oregon. While walking around trying to find Pokemon, he ran into a man. He asked the guy if he was a fellow trainer. The man wasn't a fellow Pokemon trainer. In fact, he preferred to do his battles outside of virtual reality. The man came up to Baker and sliced him with his knife.

"It was pretty brief and fast, like, just slice and run." Baker said. The Forest Grove Police did confirm that Baker was stabbed in the shoulder. There were several witnesses. Yet, the police haven't released any information about a suspect.

Despite being stabbed, Baker didn't go to a hospital right away. He wanted to keep playing. He also wanted to go get some beer. Eventually, he went to the hospital and got eight stitches. 



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Source cnet.com
Published Jul. 14th 2016

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