Surprise! The Uncharted Movie is Delayed Yet Again

The Uncharted movie once again finds itself in production limbo, though Sony still insists it will release ... eventually.

See "Uncharted movie" in any news story, and chances are, you'll immediately know what the story's about. And in this case, you're right. Sony Pictures Entertainment announced the Uncharted film has been delayed once again, this time to March 5, 2021.

The news comes from The Hollywood Reporter, and it follows close behind the late 2019 delay, after the film's sixth director left. Reuben Fleischer of Venom and Zombieland fame is the latest Uncharted director. For now. 

Sony offered no specific reason for the film's delay, though it has impacted the studios' other film projects as well. Masters of the Universe was originally planned for Uncharted's March 2021 release date. Now it has an unspecified release date, while Sony's also considering selling its He-Man project to Netflix to be done with it.

All in all, it seems a bit of a mess. Fortunately, Sony Pictures is separate from the recently launched PlayStation Productions studio devoted to turning video game franchises into films and TV series. While production calendars are notoriously prone to delays and unforeseen obstacles, at the very least, we can hope the promised Final Fantasy 14 TV series won't suffer the same fate as the Uncharted movie.

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Published Jan. 28th 2020

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