Dragon Quest IX Lover!

Have fun creating your character and going on adventures in this awesome RPG!

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies is the first Dragon Quest game I have played, but when I first heard about it I had to have it! What really caught my eye was the idea that you could create your character. You could make then look how you wanted!

What I love about this game!

It's probably because I took a clothing class in high school, but I absolutely loved the fact that you could change your characters armor and weapons! Getting to make your character look intimidating and fashionable was my favorite part. I would spend most of the game saving my money just so I could get my characters the best armor and weapons because nothing was too good for my team!

Another thing I love about this game is there is no shortage of monsters for you to fight! Leveling up your party is easy. Just walk outside, find the closest monster and kill it. There are monsters every where for you to kill and help you level up. Killing a monster gives you experience to level up, money, and items.

One of the best features of the game is that you can have your friends help you! Imagine having that one boss battle you just can't beat. You can have your friend come in and help you take down the monster!

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of Starry Skies is a game I could play over and over, which I have! I'd reccomend it for any level-grinding lover out there.

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Have fun creating your character and going on adventures in this awesome RPG!


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Published Aug. 22nd 2013
  • Courtney Gamache
    Featured Contributor
    This is a great Dragon Quest game. I tried a bit of yours out I think awhile ago and loved it. Definitely putting it on the list of games to get~

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