Outriders Worldslayer: Apocalypse Tiers Explained

Forget Challenge Tiers. Outriders Worldslayer's new difficulty balancing options are Apocalyptic, in a good way.

Originally, progressing through Outriders' vanilla campaign unlocked higher difficulties called World Tiers. As you moved to higher tiers, the game became more difficult in various ways, but the trade-off meant higher-level loot. While you were encouraged to work your way through the World Tiers, you could move to a lower tier at any time. The conceit was a simple mechanic that allowed players to balance and adjust the difficulty on the fly, and it remains intact, albeit in a tweaked fashion, in Outriders Worldslayer

In the Outriders endgame, World Tiers were replaced by Challenge Tiers. These endgame tiers allowed players to have better chances at rarer weapons and armor even after hitting the level cap. 

In Worldslayer, both of these systems have been replaced by the new Apocalypse Tiers. However, not much has changed, except that your chances at getting better loot are now higher than ever. Here's why. 

Apocalypse Tiers Explained

Apocalypse Tiers work more or less the same way as Challenge Tiers. Playing on the highest available Apocalypse Tier will contribute progress towards unlocking the next tier. Playing on any lower Apocalypse Tier will not fill up this progress bar at all. 

Whenever you reach a new Apocalypse Tier, you will be able to move on to the next one. Or you can set the game to automatically move you up to the highest tier available in the Apocalypse Tier menu. We recommend doing this as you'll pretty much always want to be working on leveling up your Apocalypse Tiers. 

Each time you reach a new tier, you will also be rewarded with a box of random, high-value loot. These loot boxes usually contain something good, especially early on in the DLC. As you work your way up to higher Apocalypse Tiers, the system begins to show its differences. Worldslayer adds a greater variety of buffs and attribute bonuses that favor both the player and the enemy mobs. 

For returning players, it is important to note that Challenge Tier progress does carry over to the new system. If you reached Challenge Tier 15 before the expansion came out, you'll have Apocalypse Tier 15 unlocked. However, while the level cap for Challenge Tiers was a mere 15, Worldslayer expands that out to Level 40. Combined with the time it will take to get all 200 Ascension Points, this ensures over a hundred hours are required to bring your character up to max rank. 

Apocalypse Tiers also introduce Apocalypse Items but are otherwise essentially the same. If you want to know more about Outriders Worldslayer, like this handy guide on the new subclass skill trees, you can visit our dedicated page for the game right over here


Published Jul. 11th 2022

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