Addicted to Puzzle and Dragons? Here are 5 Other Awesome Puzzle RPGs for Mobile!

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5. Tower of Saviors (Android and iOS)

Another puzzle RPG that followed in the footsteps of Puzzle & Dragons, Tower of Saviors is also a game where players must match three or more of the same color to get combos. But what makes this game great and unique are the monster designs. They feel "ancient." In other words, they look like they were ripped out from some fairy tale and put into this game. The background music is phenomenal as well. It's so distinct and different, that it's almost memorable.

Another aspect that separates this game are the monster skills. They are completely different from those from Puzzle & Dragons. For example, there is a skill that erases all fire orbs on the current board, and then deals damage to enemies based on the amount erased. Puzzle & Dragons is yet to incorporate such a skill. 


Do you yourself have a favorite puzzle RPG for mobile devices that wasn't mentioned in the list? If so, what is it? Feel free to share some of your favorite games in the comments below!

Published Nov. 4th 2016

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