Devastate Enemies with The Bomber: The Newest Starfighter in Star Wars: The Old Republic

The new Bomber class has been revealed, and it sounds fantastic.

Bioware has officially revealed the newest starfighter for their MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic. The Galactic Starfighter update has brought a much-needed new aspect to the game and adding more classes of ships will only make it better.

The new Bomber class starfighter is sure to get people excited, myself included. This new ship will make players think twice before rushing at a point, and change the game significantly. imperial bomber looks better than the Republic one, in my opinion.

The Bomber can release mines that explode when any enemy gets within its proximity. They can also deploy many types of mines. These include basic damage dealing, shield draining, slowing enemies, and even launching at enemies from afar.

Bombers can also deploy different types of drones. Sentry drones will attack enemies and will deploy at any location. They also can have several different types of weapons, including lasers or missiles.

Repair drones can repair hull damage of nearby ships, recharge shield reactors, and even refill used munitions.

Bomber will also be able to protect allies with a Shield Projector and allow allies to respawn at a different location with the Hyperspace Beacon. is the Republic version of the Bomber.

This class is very exciting for those that love to support their team--I am not very good at shooting down other players. I expect that many people will enjoy this new class and bring even more people into Galactic Starfighter and SWTOR in general. No release date has been given for this new class. For more information, visit the official SWTOR website.

How do you feel about the new Bomber class in Galactic Starfighter? Discuss in the comments section!

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Published Jan. 9th 2014

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