RONIN releases on Steam

Devolver Digital's turn-based action platformer leaves early access, launching to very positive reviews.

RONIN is a 2D action platformer that looks like Gunpoint, but feels like Mark of the Ninja. Setting it apart from both of those games, RONIN relies primarily on a pause-and-plan style of turn-based action, requiring players to carefully plot out each movement, strike, and evasion in order to succeed. 

In RONIN, you follow an unnamed, motorcycle-helmet clad, katana-weilding assassin on her quest to kill five targets. If that sounds like it's the plot of Kill Bill, it's because it's the plot of Kill Bill, and I'm okay with that. From what I've seen playing the demo, the premise seems to lend well to the gameplay concept, while still allowing RONIN's heroine the room to be her own unique character.

At first, RONIN feels like it's intended to be a stealth-action game, and while stealth is an option in many circumstances, the game generally encourages players to tackle most situations head-on. As one hint screen reminded me, "Don't try to be stealthy. Just kill everyone." 

Killing enemies in RONIN is a simple task. It's staying alive that becomes the challenge, as each encounter turns into a deadly dance of calculated leaps through laser sights. While learning the game's controls, it's easy to narrowly escape one bullet, only to land directly in the path of another. Players will have to be conscious of all enemies as they systematically execute targets one by one.

As of the game's release, the user reviews for RONIN on Steam are mostly favorable--though these reviews come primarily from the game's early-access community. To try RONIN for yourself, head to Steam store and purchase the game while it's 25% off ($9.74), or download the game's demo for free.

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Published Jun. 30th 2015

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