Nvidia Game Ready Drivers - Ready for Battleborn, Overwatch, and more

The latest Nvidia GeForce Game Ready 365.10 WHQL drivers are now ready for several betas, including Overwatch and Battleborn.

Nvidia recently released its new GeForce Game Ready 365.10 WHQL drivers. This update aims to optimize Nvidia cards for the Forza Motorsport 6: Apex open beta, Overwatch open beta, the ongoing Paragon beta, as well as Battleborn.

Overwatch is Blizzard Entertainment's team-based first-person shooter. Being one of the most anticipated games of 2016, it is finally getting an open beta starting May 4th at 4pm PST. The driver update will not only ensure for smooth framerates, but will also enable SLI support. You can get into the open beta by downloading the Battle.net launcher, and selecting the highlighted button in the Overwatch tab.

Paragon is Epic Games' Unreal 4 Engine powered MOBA. It has an ongoing set of free stress tests on the weekend. The next one, which will run May 5th through May 8th, will include all players who have already signed up for the beta. The driver update is to further optimize the performance of the game on Nvidia cards.

Battleborn is Gearbox Software's foray into a MOBA style first-person shooter, being dubbed as a "hero shooter." The game has both competitive multiplayer, and a co-op story modes. The driver update aims the ensure smooth gameplay, by keeping the framerate solid. Battleborn is being released on May 3rd.

Forza Motorsport 6: Apex is Turn 10 Studios' first game on the Windows platform, based off the 6th game of the franchise, Apex is bringing Forza to the PC. It will not only be free-to-play, but also run on DirectX 12, and a 4k resolution, with an open beta starting on May 5th. Featuring a taste of the single player action, the beta will take players through a focused tour of what the full game will have to offer.

You can download the Nvidia GeForce Game Ready 365.10 WHQL drivers now through their GeForce Experience application by going to the drivers tab.

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Published May. 2nd 2016

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