Mass Effect Legendary Edition June Update Fixes a Number of Issues

The Mass Effect headset issue is a problem no longer, and the June update includes several other welcome fixes too.

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition June 7 update is live now on all platforms, bringing a handful of fixes, including a resolution to the Mass Effect Xbox launcher problem, and some new features. Using a wireless headset will no longer conflict with the Xbox launcher.

A few other notable bug fixes include inaccessible Spectre Master gear in the first Mass Effect and problems that kept trophies connected to Paramour achievements from activating.

You can now choose subtitle languages different from the spoken dialogue language, PC performance is improved, and some cutscenes received a visual boost following a problem the previous update introduced.

If you're hoping to start Mass Effect 2 as a very rich space commander, however, BioWare has some bad news. The maximum number of credits you can transfer is now capped at 100,000 to help keep the game balanced.

A handful of bugs and issues aside, Mass Effect Legendary Edition captured us the same as the trilogy first did over a decade ago.

[Source: EA]


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Published Jun. 8th 2021

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