10 Backpacks for Back to School

Need a cool backpack for school? We've found 10 awesome gaming backpacks.

It might be the beginning of summer, but in the retail world it’s already time for back to school shopping. Stores are always celebrating events early.

While going back to an educational facility may seem horrible, the shopping doesn’t have to be. To cut down on your shopping list, I’ve compiled a list of the perfect back to school backpacks to show of your gamer pride.

Mario Kart Backpack from Hot Topic

I love how this backpack has a vintage racing feel. You'll be racing to class anyway -- might as well have the perfect backpack for it. I also like how they included the star in a subtle fashion. There's even a bullet bill on the side. It also includes special compartments for your laptop and tablet. This backpack costs $39.90.

Zelda Shield from Spencer's

Just like Steve Rogers, you too can wear a shield on your back. It will protect you from the other students. This backpack has a unique shape, and best of all has the triforce symbol on the back as well. Spencer's has put the shield on sale for $39.99

Nintendo Game Boy from Gamerbilia

This school bag is for the vintage gamer. I love how they've even included the text near the buttons. Most backpacks with a similar idea forget to add these small details. This large Gameboy is priced at $44.37. Be warned though, this company is from the UK -- so you will have to pay extra for shipping.

Pikachu from Target

Just like Ash, you can't store Pikachu in a poke ball. He has to be carried wherever you go. Pikachu is some how even more adorable in bag form. This bag comes in at $15 due to its tiny size. Pikachu never was a big Pokemon anyway.

Assassin's Creed Utility Backpack from Hot Topic

I've seen this bag in person, and pictures don't do it justice. The pockets and straps are made out of pleather. It looks like it comes from a different time. Even people who don't know about Assassin's Creed will think this bag looks cool. This backpack is on the expensive side at $54.90 due to its higher quality.

Nintendo NES Controller from Kohl's

This bag is also for the vintage gamer. It almost has an 80s vibe with its graphic design. They've even included the design on the straps. Most companies would have gone the easy route and made them plain black. This bag is priced at $47.99.

Mass Effect N7 Stripe Armor from Think Geek 

This backpack is meant for traveling through the galaxy, but it also could work for the school hallways. While it doesn't have as many inner compartments, the overall design is well worth the price of $49.99.

Minecraft Backpack from Target

While this isn't the coolest Minecraft bag design, I've seen it's easily the cheapest at $29.99. The outside design even continues onto the inside pattern of the bag. Also, included is a laptop compartment, in case you need to game on the go.

Fallout 4 Pip - Boy Messenger Bag ThinkGeek

This has to be my favorite messenger bag I've ever seen. It has a 17 inch sleeve, which is extremely rare. I would know -- I've searched numerous times to find a backpack to fit my Mac Book. The strap can even be converted in order to wear the bag in a different way. You can't be lost in Wasteland or high school without your handy Pip-Boy. This bag costs $59.99.

Halo UNSC Built Backpack from Hot Topic

If you love pockets and Halo, this bag is for you. I love how it has a military feel. This bag will probably sell out fast -- so get yours now. It's currently on sale for $41.65.

These backpacks are so cool, they might actually make you excited for school again. It will give you a chance to show off your cool new backpack to your friends.


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Published Jun. 24th 2016

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