Pokemon Go Made a House into a Gym

Pokemon Go made this man's house into a gym. Now he can't get people to stop showing up.

Several years ago Boon Sheridan decided to buy an old church and turn it into his dream house. He never regretted his decision until a few days ago when Pokemon trainers started to show up at his house at all hours of the day and night. Pokemon Go still thought his house was a church and made it a landmark for a gym.

The church Boon lives at was decommissioned decades ago. Pokemon Go didn't get this information. "Can't wait to talk to my neighbors about it. So all these people pulling up at all hours? We don't know them…and we can't stop it." Boon wrote on Twitter.

His problem is a unique one, which the law isn't sure how to handle it. They can make the current gym visitors leave, but they can't prevent new ones from coming. Boon would have to make a complaint directly to Pokemon Go and then hope the next update doesn't have his house on it.

At the moment, there is nothing for him to do but wait for a response from the company. Boon is getting used to becoming a gym owner, though. "I'm working on a sign for the front, something like 'Train well, play with honor, leave as friends' or something corny like that." He's also asking for people to tweet at him so he can meet his visitors.


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Source theverge.com
Published Jul. 14th 2016
  • Mathenaut
    He should train a powerful pokemon and become the boss of the gym.

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