Evil Genius 2 Gameplay Trailer Shows Off the Layers of Lair Building

New Evil Genius 2 trailer dives into the multitude of iniquitous options for world domination at your foul fingertips.

Rebellion only recently unveiled Evil Genius 2's release date, and now we're getting a deep dive into Evil Genius 2's abominable smorgasbord of world-conquering options thanks to a new trailer with developer commentary. 

Building the best lair is key to taking over the world, which means careful resource management and planning. Every hideout needs power (those traps don't run on evil willpower alone), but that's just the start. Building out the lair's communications center expands crime network potential, for example, and training facilities turn hapless minions into (semi) capable evildoers.

"Semi" capable because the genius is still in charge and needs to direct minions for maximum effect. Fortunately, minions work well under orders, carrying out their tasks and even undertaking minion-improvement training to better serve their overlord.

All this plays out over Evil Genius 2's main campaign centered around world domination. However, a number of side quests present opportunities to recruit new follower types and further expand the web of evil, and there's plenty of freedom in how world domination actually comes about.

Whatever the route, the time will come when justice knocks at the door. Every genius, no matter how evil, must tread carefully lest the continued disappearance of high-ranking goodness enforcers attracts excessive attention. Still, there's plenty of room to take enemy agents on a... special... tour of the lair from time to time.

The world is literally yours for the taking. 


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Published Feb. 9th 2021

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