They Shall Not Pass: A Look at Battlefield 1's First Expansion

We give you the rundown on Battlefield One's New Expansion "They Shall Not Pass", which arrives in March of 2017.

"They Shall Not Pass" is the title for Battlefield 1's first expansion pack, and while it sounds cool (very cool, in fact), it doesn't explain very much about what the expansion actually is. So we're going to breakdown exactly what the newest entry in the Battlefield franchise is bringing to the table. 

What is "They Shall Not Pass" About?

For those of you who don't know, "They Shall Not Pass" is about the French Army, the victims of both a German invasion and a glaring omission on the part of DICE (they weren't included in the base game of Battlefield 1).

Alongside the British, Germans and Austro-Hungarians, The French were part of the first wave of those who fought in World War I, having to defend their land from the aforementioned German invasion. Most of the war was fought in France, so it seems weird that France got the ax from the main game instead of, say, America, who showed up toward the end of the war. However, this wrong has been righted, and soon players will be able to hop into the mud-covered boots of French Infantry. 

Where Does it take place? 

Like four of the nine maps from the main game, all of the maps for "They Shall Not Pass" take place across France.

VERDUN HEIGHTS - Taking place during the infamous Battle of Verdun, Verdun Heights puts players in the trenches and barbed wire of the battlefield, surrounded on all sides by a massive forest fire set ablaze by artillery fire. 

SOISSONS - A peaceful French village on the brink of a destructive war and massive thunderstorm, Soissons takes players out of the trenches and into the houses and backyards of France towards the end of the war. With open fields and close houses, Soissons should offer plenty of variety for both vehicles and infantry. 

FORT VAUX - A damaged and dark French fort, Fort Vaux is giving both myself and many others plenty of Operation: Locker vibes. If you are unfamiliar with the notorious Battlefield 4 Map, all you need to know is that it is madness, especially when playing Rush. 

RUPTURE - Rupture, the last of the four maps, takes players to an overgrown countryside littered with the remains of previous tank and infantry battles. With a setting sun and two bridges acting as choke-points, Rupture is going to be a sniper's paradise -- and an infantryman's hell.

What's Been Added in The Expansion?

On top of the French Army and four new maps, "They Will Not Passwill introduce two new tanks, a new game mode and a new elite class.

The Char 2C Tank, the first of the two new tanks, is a behemoth meant to "turn the tides of the battle," with its massive size, cannons and impressive armor. 

The St. Chamond, the second of the two tanks, is an assault tank that offers plenty of fire-power to keep up with its behemoth brother. 

Frontlines, the new game mode being added in the DLC, has been described as a mix between Conquest and Rush, with both teams taking a flag at the same time. With normal games of Conquest and Rush being dogpiles that barely resemble a game, Frontlines, mixed with maps like Rupture and Fort Vaux, may prove to be even more hectic than its parents. 

The Trench Raider Elite class sounds like a nice change of pace from the previous two, focusing more on speed, melee and grenades than on heavy weapons that slow you down. Armed with a Club and healthy amount of grenades, The Trench Raider can potentially be the boogieman of maps like Verdun Heights or Rupture, where trench warfare is key to a team's success. 


Due in the very crowded month of March at an unspecified date, "They Shall Not Pass" looks to bring variety and new life into a game that many have hailed as one of the best this generation. 

What do you think of Battlefield 1's latest expansion? Are you excited or should EA have done something different with this first DLC? Sound off in the comments below!


Published Feb. 4th 2017

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