Halo 2 Anniversary Soundtrack to be Released

343 Industries will release a remastered version of the Halo 2: Soundtrack early next week

343 Industries announced that the Halo 2: Anniversary Soundtrack will be released on November 11, the same day that Halo: The Master Chief Collection will launch on the Xbox One.

Every song by Marty O'Donnell and Mike Salvatori will be completely remastered by the San Francisco Symphony. New music from guitarists Misha Mansoor, from the band Periphery, and Steve Vai will also be introduced.

35 tracks are listed on the album. The first remastered song and five samples are available to listen to on the 343 Industries SoundCloud account. Listen to "The Gungnir Mix," "Second Prelude," "Breaking the Covenant," "Impart," "Kilindini Harbour," and "Unforgotten Memories." 

Similar to how you can switch between the new and old graphics while playing The Master Chief Collection, you can do the same transition with the soundtracks. It's an interesting feature that shows how the two versions differ.

The Halo 2: Anniversary Sountrack can be preordered on iTunes for $15.99 or on Amazon for $16.88, digitally, CD, or on vinyl.


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Published Nov. 9th 2014
  • radogamer
    Great news Sara, now I know what to get my son for Christmas!! Thanks for the heads up.
  • Sara Ventura
    You're welcome! I love Marty's work. He also did the Destiny soundtrack.

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