Warframe Review for PC

A new co-operative online combat game featuring space ninjas, now on Steam!

Ninjas in Space

I recently noticed a new game on the the banner for steam called Warframe. I wasn't quite sure what it was so I gave it a download and checked it out. I was expecting yet another multiplayer kill fest, and that's what I got. Although not in the way I expected.

Co-operative space assassination

So instead of being like most games I see in the free to play section on Steam, Warframe is 100% co-op. Players take the role of a Tenno, and select a Warframe, or robotic suit with crazy space ninja powers. I personally picked the Excalibur frame, as it was balanced, and a good suit for a beginner.

Upon going through what seemed like some kind of holographic, virtual reality tutorial, I was tossed into my first mission and was running around some kind of space station. Amidst chopping up weird looking power armored marines that had goofy bunny ears on for Easter, and sliding on the ground and shooting bad guys in the face. All in all, a fun experience.

Down to the crunch

So how does the game work? Basically, as characters perform missions and make kills, they gain affinity experience with their weapons and frame. Gaining levels makes them slightly better, and more importantly allows you to equip mods and special abilities. The specials I've gotten so far are a ranged dashing slice and some kind of bright blinding attack, and they are freaking awesome. More importantly, they are useful as heck in the team format.

That's right. Players work together with one another to complete their objectives together. Ranging from search and rescue, to full on extermination, the missions are varied and enjoyable. And the maps have quite a bit of variety too, and make use of the wonderful platforming the game incorporates. Sliding, climbing, and wall running all make an appearance and are quite useful for navigating the terrain.

Free to play, or Pay to Win?

So one of the big problems I tend to have with Free to Play games is that they like to lean towards giving a major advantage to those who spend money. Well, it doesn't seem too bad so far in Warframe. Just about everything is available for purchase with both money and the in game currency of Credits. Players can also use materials they've gathered to craft new weapons, items, and frames to play with. And since the goal is co-operation, having a new weapon or a different frame doesn't really give you an advantage as all rewards are shared.

So, worth it?

Definitely. I don't like to throw out 9s and 10s, but I had a lot of fun with Warframe. It had little to no bugs that I came across, looked great, and even managed to have a mildly compelling story. I highly advise grabbing it on Steam and going nuts!

Our Rating
A new co-operative online combat game featuring space ninjas, now on Steam!
Published Apr. 2nd 2013
  • Siegeplay
    I love me some warframe, rank 4, level 28 ash, 27 mag (sold), 13 Volt, building the rhino frame (need more rubedo!) destroying grineer with the giant hammer and mowing them down with my mini gun - which has a 40% fire rate increase, extended mag and extended clip. 130 shots in the clip, 900 rounds total, all 130 shots dumped in about 5 - 7 seconds.
  • Ashley Gill
    Associate Editor
    But I don't care about multiplayer.
    Also Sam does smoke and does throw cigarettes to distract the enemy. Or wait, were you talking about Warframe?
  • Jeremy
    But Ashley, was vanquish multiplayer co-op?
    And sadly, your character cannot throw a lit cigarette to distract the enemy.
  • Ashley Gill
    Associate Editor
    I thought about playing this, but then I just played Vanquish and I was k.

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