Dragon Slayer Award Machinima or video series nominee: Red Vs Blue

Rooster Teeth's long running web series RvB is a contender for a Dragon Slayer Award

Any video game nerd or Halo enthusiast needs no real introduction to Rooster Teeths very popular web series, Red vs Blue. It is no surprise, as the show runs its 11th season, that it has been nominated for Notable Machinima or Video Series in the Dragon Slayer Awards. From its small start as a one minute short, made by manipulating multiplayer levels in the original Halo and upgrading as the game did,  RvB has gathered an impressive fan following. It hit such high success that Microsoft has commissioned them to make small commercials using the characters. 

Voiced and created by Burnie Burns, the series is known as the first to break into mainstream culture and bring notice to Machinima. RvB will compete for the award with other notable web series, such as The Guild, Tabletop, and Battlefield Friends. Don't forget to go to the Dragon Slayer Awards page and vote for your favorite Machinima or video series, and other categories such as, most notable Kickstarter and notable gaming comic.


Published Aug. 15th 2013

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