5 Video Game Characters and Their Sucky Lives


God of War

Sure, sure, he’s ridiculously powerful, gets lots of ladies, and is so ripped he could make Hercules blush. But let’s look at the basic facts here:

  1. His family is dead.
  2. He killed them.
  3. He is permanently covered in their ashes.
  4. Everyone else wants him to eat it and die.

Basically, every single morning Kratos has to wake up, see the remains of his family staining his flesh, and right off the bat, begin his day thinking about the Godawful atrocities he committed. Then there’s the fact that those days seem to culminate in him fighting for survival against gods, demons, human armies, monsters, and Hell itself.

I mean, he has died twice already.

The guy has it pretty rough.

Published Apr. 8th 2017

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