Ranked Mode Likely Coming to Overwatch In June

Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan revealed in a Facebook Q&A video yesterday that the game is likely to receive competitive ranked play sometime in June. Players can expect longer seasons and improved gameplay.

Overwatch, Blizzard's online team-based first-person shooter, has just been released, and it appears players will have plenty of time to put their competitive teams together. According to yesterday's Facebook launch day Q&A video with Game Director Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch will likely receive ranked play in June. Kaplan said that the first major content update for Overwatch will add a ranked competitive mode, one that has evolved rapidly from its time in the closed beta:

"My rough commitment, or not commitment, would be sometime towards the end of June, middle to end of June. We want to have competitive mode in."

Kaplan said that players complained that the one-month seasons featured in the closed beta were too short. As a result, ranked play will now feature seasons closer to three months in length:

"You'll probably have like a two-and-a-half month actual season, with maybe a couple weeks off in between, just to, you know, build excitement and give a little bit of a reset."

Kaplan also revealed that the team is considering adjusting the frequency of Sudden Death, and whether it can better incorporate the match type being played at the time.

Ranked play is currently being tested internally, and Kaplan promised that more information will be available as the release approaches.

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Published May. 24th 2016

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