Only a few days left for the Humble SEGA Strategy Bundle

Great games such as Attila Total War, Company of Heroes 2 and Warhammer 40k all available for a total of $12.

There are only a few days left until the SEGA strategy bundle sale ends its offer for some great games at quite a bargain. If you're not familiar with the Humble Bundle sales, they offer a set tier of games for a variety of prices, and with the purchase of each tier you also gain access to the previous one. This in turn means you can buy a stack of 12 games for as low as $12 total. You also get to send a portion of your spending to a charity of your choosing, making it a worthwhile experience all around.

 The SEGA bundle, which ends on April 5th, includes well known-games such as Company of Heroes, Total War: Attila and Warhammer 40k. For a full dropdown of the sale, check out the screenshot below.

The top two games on offer, Total War: Attila and Company of Heroes 2: Master Collection, normally go for around $40 and $30 respectively, making this a pretty big steal overall! So whether you're itching for some WWII style RTS action, or have been waiting for the newest Total War game to go on sale, this is your chance for a great bargain.

To check out the bundle, go to the SEGA strategy bundle page here.

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Published Apr. 1st 2016

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