Astral Authority Signs Salsa Squadron

Astral Authority signs #1 North American Challengers Cup Smite team, Salsa Squadron.

Astral Authority announced Friday they have acquired the Smite team, Salsa Squadron.

The #1 North American Challengers Cup team is filled with veterans; Sheyka, fineokay, Leftsyndrome, Cliff, and Mangoh.

Most recently, Salsa Squadron finished the final week of Challenger Cup competition undefeated with 360 points. They will now compete under the Astral name live in Atlanta on October 30th for the Challenger Cup Championship. The winner will then advance to the Gauntlet where they will fight against bottom ranked Smite Pro League teams to earn a chance to attend the Super Regional.

Astral Authority has dipped their toes into multiple esports in the past but recently found strong success acquiring the #1 North American Heroes of the Storm team, Murloc Geniuses, just in time for BlizzCon. 

You can watch Salsa Squadron debut in their Astral Authority colors live on October 30th at the Challenger Cup Finals.


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Published Oct. 23rd 2016

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