Killzone: Shadow Fall Ready for Mass Production, Next Generation Almost Here

Killzone: Shadow Fall is ready for mass production.

The gold master disc for Killzone: Shadow Fall has been shipped out for mass production, according to a tweet by Angie Smets early this morning.

The PS4 launch date of November 15th in North america is drawing closer and it seems launch titles are wrapping up development, like Killzone: Shadow Fall.

The past Killzone titles have been a staple in the Playstation lineup and should continue to be highly popular in the next generation.

Personally, I cannot wait for inFamous: Second Son because the first one was my favorite game for PS3. This will not be available at launch, but it will be in the launch window, arriving by March of next year at the latest.

The next generation of gaming is almost upon us and it should be incredibly exciting, right? Many people may be holding on to their current consoles for another year or two though and the good news it that the current generation will still get support for a while.

What is your take on the PS4 so far? Are you excited about Killzone: Shadow Fall or other titles within the launch window? Do you already have it reserved, or are you waiting? Let me know in the comments.

Published Oct. 21st 2013

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