Skullgirls 360 Patch is Finally Here

The Skullgirls patch is finally here for XBOX Live users!

Thanks to Microsoft's weird policies about updates, Skullgirls fans who play on the XBOX 360 have been shafted. While PS3 players have had the patch since November of last year, 360 fans have had to play with the base version of the game. This happens no longer.

That is right! If you are an XBOX 360 Skullgirls player, the patch is finally here. Peter Bartholow sent out an e-mail detailing how to patch for users who contributed to the Indiegogo campaign.

If you did not contribute to the funds, have not received or checked your e-mail, or just want to be reminded on how to patch, here is how you do it:

  • Turn off your XBOX 360 as the first step. It is important to do so.
  • Next, you will want to go to your Skullgirls game in your library and bring up the details menu. There will be a section called extras which you will select.
  • Choose from there the "Required Compatibility Update."
  • This is a two-tiered update. After you get the compatibility update done, you will launch the game and get the actual Title Update.

Hopefully the Skullgirls update process goes smoothly for you so you can enjoy the changes! Good luck and happy fighting!

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Published May. 15th 2013

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