Ragnarok Online Creator Kim Hak Kyu Reveals WolfKnights Online

WolfKnights Online is Kim Hak Kyu's upcoming sandbox "drama" MMO.

Kim Hak Kyu is the mind behind the original Ragnarok Online and the lesser-known Granado Espada/Sword of the New World. Most of us know him to be developing Project R1, the spiritual successor to Ragnarok Online, but he has another project up his sleeve: WolfKnights Online.

This is Game had a chance to speak with Kim Hak Kyu about the game's development, though the interview is entirely in Korean. Some interesting tidbits:

  • WolfKnights Online has been in development for five years.
  • He s aiming for roughly five hours to be a sort of "arc" for a character. An arc would be comprised of completing major tasks and defeating a boss; it seems he is looking at a more drama-style angle in gameplay.
  • Will follow the holy trinity but include more flexible class options.
  • The game will be a sandbox MMO, which Kim refers to as "literally the definition of a sandbox".
  • The game is currently 70% to 80% complete.

The game's Facebook page has been updated with several screenshots. Kim Hak Kyu has come up with some unique gameplay concepts in the past, and hopefully WolfKnights Online will be able to stand out just as his previous projects.

Below are the screenshots seen on the official Facebook so far. Fans should keep an eye on the page over the coming weeks for more reveals from Kim Hak Kyu and his team.

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Published May. 22nd 2013

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