PlayStation Plus "Vote to Play" indie game Armello coming Sept. 1

Armello is up for vote to be the next on PlayStation Plus' 'Instant Game Collection'. .

PlayStation Plus is putting on a Vote To Play campaign for their customers from August 13 until August 24. Armello, an indie game featuring strategy mixed with RPG and board game-type mechanics, is one potential game to win amongst Grow Home and Zombie Vikings. According to the PlayStation site, the winner of the three will be added to the 'Instant Game Collection' on September 1st, while the other two runner-ups will be sold at a discount to PlayStation Plus members.

Armello, made by League of Geeks (an indie game development group), is a kingdom made up of heroic and villain animals. Those animals seek to fight and conquer each other's territories using strategy and tactics mixed with some dice-rolling like you'd see in Magic The Gathering. There's an RPG element to the game in that it allows players to choose an animal character to fight with, and that animal will go around to conquer all that Armello has to offer.

The game originally spawned on Kickstarter in April 2014, taking a little over a year to get funded. But now, 6,213 generous gamers donated $305,360 Australian dollars to the League of Geeks so they could bring this unique game to life.

Characters can use different weapons, discover treasure, and defend their territory outside before the enemy closes in. The game revolves around the idea of protecting one's land and people. In this case, it involves protecting one's land and fellow animals. The official website has some videos that showcase conflicts with different characters in the game.

Some appear to be internal struggles of right and wrong, innocence and guilt in the face of war and dramatic leadership change over an entire kingdom of animals. Other conflicts appear to be more external, dealing simply with life and death. Armello is riddled with problems, and so players must find a way to bring peace, even if it's found at the end of a sword.

From viewing the official site's videos, players can choose to be a bear, a wolf, a mouse or rat, a lion (who appeared to be a king in the videos), a frog or a rabbit. Choices revolving around these characters and their abilities are unclear, but conquering all parts of one kingdom as a 'furry forest animal gone bad' seems clear.

Armello will be available on Steam, as well as PlayStation Plus, on September 1.


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Published Aug. 18th 2015

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