10 Best Kid Friendly Xbox One Games In 2017

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There's no question that the gaming medium has evolved way past its origins as a pastime primarily for children. While most games these days are aimed at adults or teens, the little ones aren't entirely neglected -- as you'll see with these 10 games.

There are plenty of titles released each year that specifically avoid objectionable content that might result in some awkward questions for parents who aren't quite ready for those kinds of conversations just yet.

Here we are rounding up some of the best Xbox One games available in 2017 that are family-friendly but don't lose any of the fun factor.

Sadly, the Kinect bombed on this console iteration and the promise of a healthy lineup of improved motion games wasn't delivered on, so there's not a lot left in the way of games that make your kids get up and move while playing.

Only a handful of Kinect Xbox One games were released, and we'll cover two of them here that are still fun for the little ones. But for the most part these will be more traditional on-the-couch games mostly free of violence or any sort of adult situations.

Published Apr. 17th 2017

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