Leaked Information on Saints Row V

Next Saints Row game might bring some movie parodies to an even more futuristic world

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A fair warning, the information you are about to read must be taken as a mere rumor, even though it came from a contact who works at Deep Silver and preferred to stay anonymous, and so, we will respect that and call this contact a Deep Silver Representative from now on.

Remember how some time ago, there was a tweet from a voice actor telling us that he was already working on the next installment of Saints Row? Well, according to our contact from Deep Silver, Saints Row V is a fact, it is undergoing the first stages of its development, but that’s not it, we might have an idea of what to expect from it.

"Right now they [the developers and writers] are figuring out what route to go with it, basing it off popular 2013 and 2014 movies”

As it seems, Saints Row V will bring a lot of movie parodies, from the most recent movies.

"It may stick with the president idea…but more ‘futuristic’ “

“More futuristic”, well…that’s new! After seeing how “futuristic” Saints Row IV got, where could Saints Row V go?

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Published Mar. 11th 2014

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