PS Plus deals abound this week

Sony begins a set of deals for PS Plus members for Bloodborne, the Order: 1886 and more!

Starting today, those who are subscribed to PlayStation Plus now have limited-time deals to consider.

Sony has begun a new program called "PlayStation Plus Specials." This program will offer special deals on the newest games and DLC for both PS4 and PS3. The first batch of deals lasts until Monday, June 1st, and features discounts on games like The Order: 1886. 

One of the biggest titles appearing this week is the latest PS4 hit Bloodborne, which will be on sale for $48, marking the first sale of the critically-acclaimed game in the PlayStation Network.

Although the discounts are not as significant as the usual discounts for PlayStation Plus, these deals are also a welcome addition alongside the original benefits of being a PS Plus member. This week's special also includes a special price cut on the updated Dark Souls IIDark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, for both PS3 and PS4 editions.

This first week mostly features discounts on games, it will expand to include "select DLC bundles exclusively to PS Plus members." The Dragon Ball Xenoverse bundle alludes to this as it includes an additional free DLC along with its 10% discount.

If this is only the first wave of the deals offered, maybe some classics and sleeper hits for both PS3 and PS4 will be included in the future.


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Published May. 28th 2015
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    Someday they'll put the Order on sale enough for me to consider buying it.
  • RealFry
    Amazon has a sale for bloodbourne right now thats $40 for physical, same with other games on sale they are still cheaper to buy physically elswhere.

    Was hoping a digital sale would be cheaper, but i guess that too much to ask for.

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