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If you're an Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan, you probably already know just how talented people are, as demonstrated by some of their insanely detailed islands.

Now that you can visit anyone's island via Dream Suites, people have been sharing their creations like crazy. In this list, we'll go through some of the absolute best Dream Suites in New Horizons

To visit them, you'll need to lie down in your bed in your house and select the "Yeah, I want to sleep…" option. Once the game transitions into the dream world, pick the "I want to dream" option and input the Dream Address of your choice.

For more on how they work, you can visit our Dream Suites guide here.

ブラッドピッ Downtown Japan Theme


Fans of rural Japan will be in for a treat with this one. It's jam-packed with detail, from little shops to fitting music and tons of personality.

The amazing thing is that many of the items used to create this town aren't necessarily Japanese-looking, but when placed in such a way, they truly make you feel like you're in downtown Tokyo!

Fairy Island


Have you ever dreamed of visiting a fairy forest full of wonder? Well, even if you haven't, you should still visit this Dream Suite, because it's awesome.

You'll probably be floored (ahem) by the designs on the ground, and when you stumble upon the whimsical music section, it'll put a smile on your face. The color palette on this island alone is worth your time. There are lots of pastel colors that make it pop!


Aika Island (Horror-Themed)


Alright, this one is downright spooky. Be warned!

At first glance, it might not seem that way, but just visit the attic of the nearby house, and you'll see what we mean. There's nothing but dolls, children's drawings, and creepy wallpaper.

Or if more traditional things scare you, the long-spined dinosaur skeleton right in front of Resident Services is absolutely horrifying. It's perfect!

こんぺい島 (Konpeito)


This is yet another one that looks like it's taken a page right out of Japan  only instead of focusing on the loud and vibrant feeling of downtown Tokyo, it leans into the more residential side of things.

You'll find a hot spring, fancy bridges, and tons of statues that give this one a relaxing vibe. It's the perfect counterpart to the aggressiveness of downtown. 




Most of the Dream Suites on this list have a theme, but Bangtan doesn't, and that's okay. It's got pretty much a bit of everything, from a soccer field to an outside cafe and one of the best campsites we've seen.

This is a great Dream Suite to check out if you're looking for inspiration since it's got so much variety. And shout out to the creator for the flower patch on the east side of the island!

New Hyrule


People are very skilled. That point is proven by some of the Zelda-inspired Dream Suites found in New Horizons, particularly New Hyrule. Everything from the iconic treasure chests to Triforce imagery and Hyrule Castle itself makes an appearance.

Oh, and we hope you're ready as soon as you spawn, you're hit with a song that feels like it's ripped right out of your favorite Zelda game. Seriously, check this one out if you like Zelda.




We love the Japanese-themed Dream Suites, okay? Here's one that will likely make you jealous, if nothing else but for its effective use of water. Seriously, the person who made this had to have spent a lot of time just designing the layout of this Suite.

Everything feels like it belongs in its space without feeling cluttered. And don't even get us started on the flower placement. It's excellent!



What a clever idea for a Dream Suite. Valkyrie is described as a "floating fantasy island," giving you the illusion of an island in the sky. The creator was able to put together one of the most detailed designs we've come across, giving off a spacey feel.

The stars are a nice touch, but the moon and spaceship are the icing on top. Bravo to the creator for this one.


Those are just some of the incredible Dream Suites you'll be able to explore in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. There are thousands upon thousands of hard-working and talented individuals that have poured hours into their islands, so make sure you jump in and give some of them a visit!

Published Aug. 7th 2020


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