Black Desert Online Lahn Class Guide: Best Skills and Combos

Find out which skills and combos are the best for Lahn class in this guide to Black Desert Online.

Black Desert Online NA/EU servers have just received a brand-new class: Lahn. It's a mobile, fast-moving class that uses a weapon called Crescent Pendulum, a sharp, crescent-shaped pendulum with a ribbon attached to it.

Lahn has an incredible skill tree with lots of powerful abilities. However, if you want to be a Lahn main, then you need to know which ones are the best. Follow our guide below if you want to know which Lahn skills and combos are the best for PvE in Black Desert Online.

Best Lahn Class Skills in BDO

  • Moon Slash. At the very beginning, this skill is most important. It will boost your basic attacks, and it has no cooldown, which makes it perfect for fast leveling.
  • Eye of the Phoenix. This is a combo skill that boosts other skills. It also has no cooldown, which is a necessity at early stages of the game.
  • Blooming Nether Flower. You can start using this skill after you've achieved level 50. It will work as an AOE, where Lahn moves forward and  and spins her Crescent Pendulum.
  • Soul Cleansing. This is Lahn's main DPS skill, as it does a lot of powerful things simultaneously: it makes enemies float, decreases the enemies’ DP, has Super Armor, and offers 100% Critical Hit rate.
  • Cymbidium + Flow. These two skills should be used in combination for a more powerful attack. This skill combo not only deals a lot of damage, but also increases the Lahn’s survivability.
  • Furious Chase. This is Lahn's main mobility skill in PvE, when she does a fast sequence of short-ranged attacks.
  • Nimbus Stride. With the help of this skill, Lahn can fly. She will do a sort of long jump and then fly through the air. That's how you can quickly get from one distant point to another.
  • Pendulum Cleaver + Dismemberment. Here is another combination of skills that should not be overlooked. It gives Lahn an Attack Speed buff and an AP buff respectively.

Best Lahn Class Combos in BDO

Eye of the Phoenix + Moon Slash
  • LMB + Space + Space + Space

This is the combo for players who haven't reached level 50 yet. It's a strong series of attacks as far as basic attacks go. It uses up a relatively small amount of stamina, so you should be able to hold it for quite some time.

Pendulum Cleaver + Eye of the Phoenix + Moon Slash + Sacred Dance
  • Left/Right + LMB + Space + LMB + Down + RMB + LMB

This combo is all about fast attacks. That's what Pendulum Cleaver is for -- it increases the speed of your attacks, and the rest of the pieces of the combo deal damage in short sequence, leaving your enemies knocked down.

Dismemberment + Eye of the Phoenix + Moon Slash + Blooming Nether Flower + Furious Chase
  • Left/Right + RMB + Space + LMB + RMB + LMB + Up + RMB

If you manage to make this combo work in one continuous flow, the result will be amazing. This combo will not only knock down your enemies, but will keep dealing more damage when they're down.

Cymbidium + Three Point Stipple + Flow: Four Point Splatter + Crescent Barrage + Fragrant Stigma
  • Down + F + LMB (Hold)

The first part of this combo activates the Cymbidium skill that connects other skills into one long sequence. That's why you need to quickly press LMB and hold it for as long as you can after Cymbidium got activated. It will initiate an entire series of heavy damage attacks.

Berated Ghost + Crescent Barrage + Fragrant Stigma + Three Point Stipple + Flow: Four Point Splatter + Sacred Dance
  • Shift + LMB + LMB (Hold) + Down + RMB + LMB

Berated Ghost is very similar in effect to Cymbidium in that it connects other skills into a long sequence. The only difference is that Berated Ghost produces a narrower AOE than Cymbidium, which results in more accurate and stronger attacks.


Hopefully, this guide on the best Lahn skills and combos will help you enjoy the gameplay even more, and for other Black Desert Online guides at GameSkinny, please visit the links below:

Published May. 24th 2018

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