Humble Weekly Sale: Nordic Games!

Humble Bundle's weekly sale features nine titles from Nordic Games

Everyone's favourite sale has arrived! The Humble Weekly Sale! This week features nine titles from Nordic Games. Pay just one dollar for five titles, four of them on Steam, pay six bucks or more to get all nine! Your money will go to where ever you chose between Nordic Games, the American Red Cross, Child's Play, or as always the Humble tip.

Red Faction: Armageddon

Set 50 years after the events of Red Faction: Guerilla  on Mars, in the year 2170, this thrilling third-person shooter was originally published by THQ and was released in 2011. Current Steam price: $19.99 USD.

 Supreme Commander

This RTS game was originally released in 2007 and is the spiritual successor to Total Annihilation and has a metacritic score of 87! Take command of mechs and destroy the competition! Current Steam price: $14.99.

 Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

The stand alone expansion to Supreme Commander adds a new faction, several new units, new gameplay mechanics, graphical and engine improvements and is all in all a solid title. Current Steam Price: $14.99, or get the Supreme Commander Gold Edition (both titles) for $19.99.

 The Guild 2

A sequel to the widely known Europe 1440 medieval RPG simulation game, The Guild 2 is a unique game that's aged pretty darn well. Current Steam price: $9.99.

 Neighbours From Hell Compilation

Your neighbours, the Rottweilers, are from Hell. Make their lives just as miserable in this entertaining game by being just as scummy and broadcasting the results on TV! Neighbours from Hell Compliation also includes the separate tale of the Rottweilers' family vacation, taking your antics to the high seas! Neighbours From Hell is not yet available on Steam but you can vote for it on Greenlight!

 Pay more than six dollars to get:

 Painkiller: Hell and Damnation

This first person gore-fest sticks you in the shoes of Daniel Garner, stuck in Purgatory while his wife is in Paradise. Make a deal with Death to collect 7000 souls in order to be reunited! A large arsenal lets you mercilessly slaughter demons, skeletons and monsters alike with epic boss battles! Current Steam Price: $19.99.


The fourth Gothic game is a beautiful action RPG as your quest for vengeance takes you around the island of Myrtana full of mythical beasts and monsters! Current Steam price: $19.99.

 Darksiders II

In the sequel to the acclaimed Darksiders take on the role of Death, horseman of the Apocalypse. In a story running parallel to the events that take place in Darksiders hack and slash your way through the end of the world! Current price on Steam: $49.99.

Spellforce 2: Faith in Destiny

The world of Eo is in peril again in this RPG/RTS, the sequel to Spellforce! Follow your destiny and face off against a mysterious and shadowy new foe! Current price on Steam: $19.99.

Total Potential Savings: $143.93

After a deal like that, what's stopping you? Go out and grab the Weekly Sale now!


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Published Oct. 4th 2013

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