Tekken 8 Trailer Shows Paul Phoenix Unleash His Burning Fist

Witness the art of destroying a brick wall with just your hand in Paul's Tekken 8 trailer.

Bandai Namco is continuing to reveal returning characters for Tekken 8 with the newest trailer for the game. Reintroducing Paul Phoenix to the fold, it seems like time has been kind to the world's strongest man. While his clothing and hair are ragged, Paul can still unleash his Burning Fist like it's nobody's business. Just look at the state of that random brick wall Paul smashes through.


As with the previous Tekken 8 trailers, it's a little hard to tell just what is new here. Paul's critical art certainly seems different from his Tekken 7 version, but a lot of the moveset seems to be the same. Tekken is a series that relies on legacy skill from its players, so it's not surprising to see similar kicks and punches from Paul.

What we can point out is how visually incredible Tekken 8 looks. I suppose this is the power of Unreal Engine 5, but the rippling muscles and cloth textures look suitably next-gen. The sound design has also stepped up its game, making each punch that Paul lands sounds like a freight train colliding with his opponents. Even if you can't manage to get sucked into Tekken 8, the game will absolutely be watchable purely from a spectator standpoint.

Tekken 8 is scheduled for release in 2024 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Featured image via Bandai Namco


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Published Mar. 10th 2023

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