The Most Kickass Mansions in Minecraft

We go through some incredibly detailed places, from inspired ones to completely original.

As any Minecraft player worth their salt knows, it's a game about building fantastically imaginative wonders, out of the resources simply given to you. These players were able to take it to another level, bringing us a varied and impressive look at some of the most incredible buildings in Minecraft. Here's some of the best best mansions in Minecraft, in no particular order.

Tony Stark's Mansion

Tony Stark's mansion from the blockbuster Iron Man and Avengers films is highly iconic for any fan of the movies, but what's really impressive about this shockingly to-scale recreation is how it uses over 500 command blocks in order to become functional. There's more to it than just the house in the map, but the house itself is a clear centerpiece to all that's going on. The video above gives a thorough look at every facet of this obsessively accurate mansion.

Safety Boost's Realism Mansion

There's something to be said for trying to make your houses grounded in reality, especially when this only furthers creativity rather than hindering it. YouTube channel Safety Boost's mansion is surprisingly vast and also dense. The backyard comes with a tennis court, pool, and even a smaller guest house. The creator also has a time-lapse video of him building it, which really shows how much dedication comes with building this grand mansion.

RicksRocks Massive Mansion

Heavily inspired by the Mansion of Versailles, this enormous mansion is most likely the biggest one on the list. The color palette is simple enough for everything to pop without feeling bland, which is something many of these much bigger mansions could take a lesson from. Nothing feels like a weaker part of the place, as it's all lovingly crafted.

inferno438's Short-Lived Home

The video may be very heartbreaking for those that love preserving their creations in Minecraft, as the creator inferno438 decides to use TNT to its fullest to completely, uh, remodel his house. Kind of an aggressive way to start over, wouldn't you say? Nonetheless, with talent like this, I'm sure it won't be hard for him to come up with another terrific one on a whim.

Alpha and Xing0's Flow Mansion

Say what you will about the rest, but when looking at this mansion it's clear that great minds do think alike. This collaborative work by two dedicated Minecraft minds really shows a high sense for that modern look of Hollywood mansions, similar to the Tony Stark one at the top of the list. It's not very big, but what it lacks in substance it makes up for in style.

Each and every one of these mansions is stunning and fascinating, ranging from severely dense to vast structure and scope. But each one has a common thread -- they are all lovingly built, with a massive attention to detail.

Which one was your favorite? Do you have one you love that didn't make it on the list? If so, let us know in the comments section below, and as always, thanks for reading.

Published Aug. 23rd 2016

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