15 Games on Steam You Can Play on a Toaster

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Not everyone can afford a high-end gaming rig -- that's a simple fact of life. There are still many gamers out there who are playing on systems that are over a decade old. If you've got a 10 or even 15 year old desktop or laptop computer, chances are you're feeling left out. But it doesn't have to be that way!

Today we're going to take a look at Steam's library to pick out 15 games you can still play on your old beater PC -- some new, some old, and all great titles! Why 15? Because that's the price of a cheap toaster, and probably how old and possibly how much your PC is worth on resale at this point if you're checking out this article.

So what are you doing still loading this page? Let's get started!

NOTE: All games are listed are in no particular order, and all prices are listed in USD.

Published Aug. 14th 2016

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