15 Games on Steam You Can Play on a Toaster

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Half-Life: Opposing Force

Half-Life is one of the staples of first-person shooters, and one that no PC gamer should go without. While I do not believe the original game aged too well, Half-Life: Opposing Force is a game that I must recommend to anyone looking to play the series. This goes doubly for anyone looking to play a great first-person shooter on an old PC system.

While the story is a bit campy nowadays, and the graphics have certainly aged, the game still has solid gameplay and is perfect for those looking for a budget buy on a bare essentials PC.

Look at that all that glorious low-end graphics goodness...

System Requirements


  • 500 mhz processor
  • 96mb RAM
  • 16mb video card
  • Windows XP


  • 800 mhz processor
  • 128mb RAM
  • 32mb+ video card
  • Windows XP

If you think Half-Life: Opposing Force is up your alley, check out the game's store page to pick it up for $4.99. You can also check out this bundle to get all 3 Half-Life titles at a reduced price.

Published Aug. 14th 2016

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