The Pokemon Go Emperor Has No PokeBalls

A horrifying statue of a nude Donald Trump happens to be a pokestop in NYC's Union Square.

Earlier this week, the anarchist art group 'Indecline' erected semi-realistic plaster sculptures of a nude presidential candidate Donald Trump. The piece, titled The Emperor Has No Balls, has been popping up in major American cities. Naturally, Donald Trump has nothing to do with gaming, but the artist behind the string of horrifying and grotesque sculptures, dubbed 'Ginger', managed to place one such Trump smack dab in the middle of a PokeStop.

The statute in question was erected in New York City's Union Square, causing quite a commotion, either because it had been a PokeStop or the extremely small phallus any passersby could not help but chuckle at. If you are planning on visiting the hideous homage in New York, do not get your hopes up because NYC has already demolished it. Of course, that should not stop anyone from getting out and catching more Pokemon. 

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Published Aug. 20th 2016

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