Epic Offering Unreal Engine 4 Dev Grants

Epic have announced they have a 5 million dollar pot to provide Unreal Engine 4 devs a grant, ranging from $5,000 to $50,000.

Epic has recently set aside 5 million dollars for Unreal Engine 4 developers so they can get access to some grant money, ranging from 5 thousand to fifty thousand dollars.

How many hoops and strings do you need to cross?

Judging from Tim Sweeney's blog post about it, there are only 2 major hoops to jump through, the first is that your game needs to be in the "working prototype" stage of development, this basically means it needs to be functional and have all the core features of the game. The second hoop is that you need to directly email Epic Games via the email provided on the Unreal Dev Grant information page, tell them about your game, the amount you want, and how the money will make your project even better.

Epic Games are saying there are no strings attached. 

Your project remains yours; you own your IP and publishing rights and you can spend any grant funds however you like. Epic’s goal is simply to help UE4 developers succeed because when you succeed, we succeed.

Unreal Engine Blog post by Tim Sweeney - Founder of Epic Games

If you are using Kickstarter, have no fear, you can still apply for a grant, and just use the extra money to make your game that much more awesome.

Where can you sign up?

To get your pick of $5,000 to $50,000 head over to the Unreal Dev Grant information page, scroll down and find the "Apply Now" button.

I wish all the Unreal Engine 4 developers the best of luck with getting their grants, and am excited to see what comes from this.

Header image credit goes to Epic Games.

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Published Feb. 20th 2015

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