10 biggest video game sins: Day one DLC, unskippable cutscenes, Doritos, and more

A compilation of video game things that piss a lot of us off.

A compilation of video game things that piss a lot of us off.
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Even though we all love video games, there are just some things that get under our skin. Or things that are on other people's skin that end up on our controller.

For this list, I've compiled some of the biggest pet peeves in gaming with beautiful color photographs and detailed descriptions to appease even the most irritable gamers.

Ranging from video game sins to general annoyances, this list gives insight into what really pisses gamers off.

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Day One DLC

Gone are the days of being able to play a full game right after inserting it into the console. Now, we have to wait for the game to install and waste time entering numerous codes to download the various DLC packs shoved in with the game.

The common question is "why couldn't this content just be included?" Of course, it could have easily been added to the game, but there are a lot of people out there that will pay extra money for numerous different skins for Batman. 

Also, DLC can be used by publishers to urge gamers towards pre-ordering their game. Batman: Arkham Knight did this by adding the Harley Quinn and Red Hood DLC packs for gamers who pre-ordered their copy. 

Worst offender: Batman: Arkham Knight  

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Unskippable Cutscenes

So you're watching this incredibly long and emotional cutscene right before an inevitable boss battle. You're hyped up and ready to deliver the biggest ass kicking--

Oh, never mind. You died.

Just press restart and try again, right? There's that cutscene again though. You frantically mash the controller buttons, but nothing is happening. Rage starts to set in. Your last ditch effort is to press the pause button in hopes of seeing a button press prompting you to skip the scene. Nothing there except the word 'Pause' sprawled across the screen.

Not only do you have to endure the whiny main character waxing poetic about his daddy issues again, but there's that worry in the back of your mind that you might lose this fight again.

But don't worry, every gamer has endured this nightmare. At least you aren't the only one.

Biggest offender: Final Fantasy X

Image source: Final Fantasy Wikia

Escort Missions

You know, it can be hard enough taking care of yourself, so why do we have to worry about protecting NPCs? It's a gameplay aspect that always elicits groans from gamers.

You're surrounded by Ganados, they're coming at you from every direction, and you've only got several rounds left. Then you hear that annoying, shriek "HELLPPP!!!! LEONNNNN!!!!" You want to ignore her and just let the Ganados carry her away, but you'll get a Game Over if you do that.

Fortunately, not all escort missions are bad. Bioshock Infinite did a great job with Elizabeth by allowing her to be an incredibly useful partner who does not require your protection. Hell, she'll even toss you some ammo or salts!

Biggest offenders: Resident Evil 4 and GoldenEye

Image source: Twinfinite

Slide Puzzles

Puzzles are just one of those gameplay aspects that some gamers accept with open arms, but causes others to throw their controllers across the room. One of the laziest and most irritating of puzzles comes in the form of the slide puzzle.

Don't know what a slide puzzle is? Lucky you! The objective is to correctly assemble an image by sliding the pieces in limited directions. It's like putting together a real puzzle, but imagine only being able to move your hand left or right. 

Although there are several strategies to overcome these annoying little conundrums, you better hope the puzzle has the ability to reset or unlimited moves or you'll be stuck there for awhile.

Biggest offenders: Dead Space 3's Rosetta puzzle and Parasite Eve 2

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Crusty Controllers

We have all been there. You're at a friend's house, taking turns playing against each other. The snacks are out. It's the usual assortment of cookies and chips. 

Then the controller comes your way. You're looking forward to shooting your friend's face off in COD when you place your hands on the controller. It's sweaty, fair enough. But as you place your finger on the trigger, you feel a crusty feeling.

You look down to see a neon orange film all over your favorite gaming pad. "What the f**k, man?" you shout to your bro whose mowing through the rest of the bag of Doritos Roulette. You admire his ability to live dangerously, but this is disgusting!

Biggest offender: Cheetos (the worst!) and Doritos

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Excessive swearing and general douchebaggery of online gaming

Typically, I am not into online gaming. This is definitely one of the reasons. We have all heard some moron or collective of morons yelling obscenities about each other's moms while we're trying to play an online match.

What's worse is when you don't have a headset and their prepubescent voices are booming through your living room speakers. Of course, its not just kids, douchebags of all ages and races enjoy online gaming!

Also, if you're female and have any semblance of common sense, I'd advise you just to play offline. Kudos to you if you can endure the nonsensical yelling of 12-year-old boys and basement dwellers. You go, girl!

Biggest offender: Xbox Live

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Servers offline 

This pet peeve is often always inevitable. If you're a huge MMO player, you probably often experience frequent server maintenance or server crashes on launch day.

If you're a fan of Blizzard games, well then I'm certain this happens to you every Tuesday.

Of course, the worse instance of this might have been with the release of Sim City. For a game developed to be online-only, EA's servers were always down or booting players from their games.

Although it was never officially stated, it is likely the disastrous release of Sim City was the possible cause behind the closure of its developer Maxis. 

Worst offenders: MMOs and Sim City

Image source: Tech Geek Gamer

Low controller battery (and short charge cables)

So you're deeply absorbed into the lore of your game of choice. For example, let's say you're playing a episodic story series such as Life is Strange. You're watching an emotional scene play out in front of you when you hear an alert.

Your eyes can't help but to avert to the top-right corner of your screen to see "low battery warning." The gripping emotional drama must wait while you slide your butt over to your PS4 to plug in the charge cable. Also, I hope you like the floor because that cable won't reach your sofa.

Image source: Extreme Tech


Shoehorning multiplayer into single player games (or as I call it "You've got your chocolate in my peanut butter!")

As someone that is just not into multiplayer, this is a very personal sin to me.

For the most part, when this happens, it usually is not that big of a deal. At first, I was annoyed when Naughty Dog put multiplayer into the Uncharted series, but it turned out alright. If the singleplayer experience can still exist without relying on multiplayer, it's not an issue. Yes, it sucks when they incorporate multiplayer trophies, but I can live with that.

What I can't live with is my "galactic readiness" being influenced by how often I play multiplayer. Seriously? I didn't ask for multiplayer when I bought a story-driven RPG, EA! 

Biggest offender: Mass Effect 3

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"Video games are for kids."

I'm sure we've all heard this wonderful sentence before. Whether it's from someone who just don't plain understand or a douchebag, it's okay since you know the truth.

Of course, we'll often counteract by schooling them with a bit of knowledge. "The majority of gamers are between the ages of 18 to 35" is the usual retort.

However, it does get complicated when they see you're playing Pokemon.

Good luck!

Did I leave out any of your pet peeves? If so, please leave a comment below!

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