11 Best X4 Foundations Mods for Space Exploration

Save time and money using these X4 Foundations mods that range from simple cheats to massive add-on packs.

Save time and money using these X4 Foundations mods that range from simple cheats to massive add-on packs.
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Waiting is a big part of the X4 Foundations gameplay, whether it's waiting for your pilot to arrive at a certain sector, or waiting before your auto-trading and auto-mining ships complete their missions and finally give you some cash.

But if you don't want to spend all this time waiting instead of actually playing and enjoying the game, then you can always enhance your experience by installing a few fan-made modifications.

In this list you will find all the necessary tools that will make your time playing X4 Foundations worthwhile -- everything from simple cheats to massive add-on packs that completely overhaul the gameplay.

Sector Satellites

If your gameplan revolves around Auto-trading, then you really need this mod. It enhances your satellites and makes them pull out trading prices not only from one station, but from all stations in an entire sector.

This one mod will save you a lot of time and money, which would be occupied by deploying satellites around each station individually. On top of that, your modified satellites will be able to intercept secret missions and other hidden data.

Lastly, this mod will add a new type of probes to your game that disrupt and damage engines of large carriers and destroyer ships, which is especially useful during combat and boarding operations.

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Learning All the Things

X4 Foundations is all about opportunities that open up when the experience of your crew members grows. Too bad this takes a lot of time and you need to wait before your pilots or marines will be able to effectively accomplish all the missions.

That is why the LAtT mod is such a powerful tool, as it increases the speed of improvement of all your crew members. In just one hour your pilots, marines and other personnel will gain an additional star, which means that they will gain complete skill set in just five hours.

If this sounds too good to be true, then don't worry, as this mod does not interfere with the normal processes of the game.

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Crystal Finder

This mod will be of great use to new players that are struggling to get money in the early stages of the game. It simply highlights the crystals in space, so you can identify them and harvest for profit.

In this way you can quickly make cash by selling the crystals, which range from 1,000 to 250,000 credits. They can also be used for crafting materials, so having this mod would also be of great value for more experienced players.

If you see a glowing crystal in space, just come closer and shoot at it. Then, you will be able to collect the shattered pieces and deliver them to traders.

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Shield and Weapon Overhaul

If you aren't happy with the current power level of your shields and weapons, then be sure to install this mod. It will make your shields regenerate instantly and your weapons deal more damage, including turrets and missiles.

But not only the power level of the weapons has been increased. You will find out that your projectiles hit much farther than ever before, and your laser beams emit so much heat that no hull will be able to withstand them.

This is also a great way to finish battles much quicker, which again saves you time and money.

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X4 Cheat Menu

There are a lot of limitations in X4 Foundations. This little mod here adds a short menu to your HUD, which can remove those limitations.

It offers six different features that can be activated at any point in the game:

  1. Jump: allows you to teleport to any navigation point on the map
  2. Add ship: adds free Xenon ship to your Owned property list
  3. Modify ship:
    • Invincible
    • Modify ammo
    • Delete Selected Ship
    • Crew level
    • Set cargo
    • Set faction
  4. Modify station:
    • Invincible
    • Crew level
    • Delete Selected Station
    • Add building resource
    • Set cargo
    • Add workforce and manager
    • Set station faction
  5. Modify player:
    • Add money
    • Modify faction
    • Add inventory
    • Spacesuit equipment
    • Add blueprints
    • Add research
    • Add encyclopedia
  6. Global set: reveals all stations on the map

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Auto-trading is an excellent way for players to make profit without being involved in the actual trading. However, one has to set everything up beforehand, which can take a lot of time and resources.

The Autotrader mod overcomes this obstacle and allows you to make any ship you own to Auto-trade immediately on the highest possible level.

The mod has an extensive menu of choices that will allow you to program your trading operations the way you want without any limits whatsoever.

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Various NPCs

In vanilla X4 Foundations it is really hard to find highly-qualified crew members for your ships. Usually, it takes a long time before they acquire necessary skills and ranks in order to do their jobs really well.

This mod adds a huge number of hireable NPCs to the game stations with high levels of experience in different fields. There is even a separate recruitment center open for hiring such qualified personnel.

Now it will be really easy for you to take control of all your trade and mining operations, combat and boarding  missions, and other activities that depend on the level of your crew experience.

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Extra Capacity

Here is a perfect mod for auto-miners. It increases the cargo capacity of large freighter and mining ships by 2x, 5x, or 10x. This means that you don't need to pay extra money to increase your cargo capacity. Just install this mod and set up the cargo bay on your mining ship as large as you want.

Since this is a simple edit and not an overhaul mod it will not affect your game in any way, so it is completely safe to use.

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Fix Illegal Buy

At times illegal operations can bring incredible profits to players who know how to handle them well. This mod is created specifically for players who want to make the highest possible profits using the game's Black Market.

The mod allows you to trade wares that are considered illegal, such as:

  • Security Slicer
  • Security Bypass System
  • Security Decryption System

Now you will be able to trade them for huge prices on illegal markets and bypass all the restrictions coded in the vanilla version of the game.

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I Need Money

Many players would consider this mod to be a shameless cheat, as it adds 5 million credits to your wallet at the beginning of the game. But new players may find it incredibly helpful when it comes to understanding the main elements of the game better, and then start new game from scratch with no help.

It can also allow struggling players to continue their game instead of starting all over again. I Need Money mod can add another 5 million credits at any point in the game, if you fall below one million credits.

So treat this one as a lifebelt that can save you from a disaster of a failed first attempt in X4 Foundations.

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Community Alternate Start

The final mod in our list is an excellent starting mod for all beginners. It adds six game starts to X4 Foundations with various specialty skills unlocked, such as:

  1. Master Builder: start with all blueprint and research unlocked
  2. Bankrupt Miner: start with a few credits and an M-size mining ship
  3. Betrayed Mercenary: start at the Holy Order system
  4. Humble Merchant: start with an M-size mining ship
  5. Upstart Teladi: start with an S-size trading ship in the Teladi system
  6. Argon Citizen: start with a small fleet and satellites around Argon Stations

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Which of these mods did you find to be the most helpful? Leave your feedback below in the comments section.

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