From LEGO RPGs to Star Wars strategy games, there's already a solid lineup of most anticipated 2020 mobile games for Android and iOS devices -- check out the 11 we can't wait to play this year!

11 Mobile Games to Look Out For in 2020

From LEGO RPGs to Star Wars strategy games, there's already a solid lineup of most anticipated 2020 mobile games for Android and iOS devices -- check out the 11 we can't wait to play this year!
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With less than a month down, 2020 has already seen some big name Android and iOS games drops like G.I. Joe Rise Of Cobra, Arknights, and Dota Underlords.

There's dozens more anticipated releases up for pre-registration covering every genre imaginable, from idle clickers to real time strategy and even physics-based puzzles titles.

Want to know what you should be keeping an eye on for mobile 2020 games? Let's dive in and look at 11 that seem the most promising for every age range and type of mobile gamer!

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Hero Emblem

There's always room for another indie RPG tapper in my phone, and Hero Emblem seems to be the one to look out for arriving soon, despite clearly pulling from other big names in an SEO mashup title.

You probably know what to expect here in terms of gathering, leveling, and merging heroes to create more powerful units, but there's a twist -- idle farming! You don't even have to be online to grind XP for your heroes. That alone puts this one on my radar as a mobile RPG to give a serious shot.

Disney Sorcerer's Arena

A mix of real time strategy and card game, Sorcerer's Arena looks to feature a big range of baddies to battle like Jafar, Hook, and Syndrome.

Glu Mobile is handling development, and originally it seemed like this latest Disney spin off would arrive in 2019, but right now there's still no firm release date. All I know is that I want to kick some tail as Ariel with that magnificent magic trident!

Here Be Dragons

  • Not currently available for pre-registration

Turns out the story of Columbus sailing the ocean blue in 1492 wasn't exactly accurate... and I don't just mean that the history books whitewashed out all the genocide.

Nope, turns out they also forgot all the tritons, krakens, mermaids, and even Dagon showing up during Christopher's journey! Out now on Steam as an Early Access release, Here Be Dragons is also due for iOS and Android launch and combines turn-based combat with dice mechanics and a satirical style.

League Of Legends Wild Rift

There are some MOBAs already available on mobile devices, but this re-build of League Of Legends is the one you've been waiting for. Its the classic LoL experience re-designed from the ground up to be more friendly towards mobile devices and console play with a controller.

40 characters are set to be available on launch, as well as a brand new 5v5 map based on Summoner’s Rift. If you've already been a longtime League player, you get extra bonuses for that time spent on the main game as well!

Disney Getaway Blast

If you've got kids who love to grab your phone at the store or who have their own tablets already, Getaway Blast is going to be a big hit. Colorful physics puzzles and a wide range of Disney characters to unlock mean the little ones are going to have their eyes (and fingers!) glued to this licensed mobile title for a long time.

Pre-registration comes with an exclusive free character as well, so jump on it early if you've got an Android device. Getaway Blast will also hit the Windows Store so you can play on PC as well.

Pokemon Sleep

  • Not currently available for pre-registration

Don't ask me how, but somehow Niantic is making a Pokemon Go... for when you're sleeping in bed. Yeah, I don't know how that's going to work either.

All we've really seen so far is a teaser showing the game will track your hours slept in the same way as Pokemon Go tracks your distance walked. Apparently sleeping is somehow going to become mobile entertainment now. Welcome to the future!

Diablo Immortal

Very few people were initially stoked about the Blizzcon 2018 reveal of mobile title Diablo Immortal, since we were expecting a full fledged Diablo 4. Thankfully, that announcement came later, so there's something for the mobile crowd and the PC fans coming in the Diablo universe.

Set between the second and third main entries in the series, Immortal will be a massively multiplayer take on the ARPG genre. Favorite old classes like Wizard, Barbarian, and Necromancer are set to return, along with newer entries from Diablo III like the Demon Hunter and Crusader.

This time around a world full of heroes will stand against Diablo's lieutenant Skarn, Herald of Terror, who is invading Sanctuary.

LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed

Available on iOS now, Heroes Unboxed is still in pre-registration phase for Android players. This turn-based battle RPG features a wide range of classic and new sets from over many decades of LEGO releases.

Aside from the main story experience, there's also asynchronous multiplayer battles for online team and direct PvP rounds.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened

  • No registration available yet

We don't know a ton about Magic Awakened yet, other than that it will combine RPG and card elements and is being developed by Netease.

A post-WWII setting has been confirmed, but beyond that we're just waiting on more news to arrive. The main game site is still entirely in Chinese, which isn't a great sign for Western audiences.

Marvel Realm Of Champions: Battleworld Rising

There hasn't been an actual gameplay trailer yet for Realm Of Champions, although it seems like a good bet we'll see more of the same brawler style as other mobile titles.

For now there's just some lore to dive into at the main game site, as well as a newsletter to join to be the first to find out when pre-registration is going live.

Star Wars Rise To Power

Another strategy game in the Star Wars franchise is coming, and this time its headed to mobile platforms while chronicling battles between the Empire and the New Republic.

Unlike the rest of the games on our list, Rise To Power is currently available... in a very early form for a limited number of players. A pre-alpha test is currently ongoing, and although its labeled as "closed," anyone can actually get in with a little patience. A limited number of join ups are available each day, so hit up the Google Play page and see if the Install button is up -- if it is, you can join in today!


That's it for our look at the 11 most anticipated 2020 mobile games to look forward to on Android and Apple products. What did you think of our roundup, and did we miss any must-play games that should have made the list? Sound off below!

In the mean time, there's still plenty of great mobile games to play while waiting on these new ones to drop, from the walk-and-play Harry Potter entry Wizards Unite, to brand new updated content with the revamped Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians.

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