11 Things We Currently Know About Dragon Quest XI

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Last weekend was quite a weekend for many JRPG fans, especially for the Dragon Quest fans that have been waiting for a long while for any news regarding the latest numbered title in the franchise. We knew we’ll be seeing a lot of Dragon Quest XI on Square Enix’s Jump Fiesta 2017, but we probably weren’t expecting the kind of news that we’re getting.

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If you somehow missed the news, or just want to have a place to read all of it in one go, I’ll try to sum up 11 things we currently know about Dragon Quest XI.

1. We’ll be playing in a world called “Rotozetasia”

Pronunciation aside, the world seemed like the Dragon Quest world we know and love. Oh, and there’s also a World Tree in the center. According to the game’s Director, Uchikawa, it will be a “vast map comparable to other Dragon Quest titles. It won’t betray your expectations.”

2. You will play a nameless Hero

There’s no confirmation if you can change the main character’s gender or class, though we’re sure more details will come soon. The story begins when the hero turns 16, and in the Dragon Quest XI‘s world, this age has a significant meaning.

3. The game is scheduled to be release in 2017

Though, we don’t actually know when. Square Enix only said “sometime” in 2017.

4. It will be released on PS4, 3DS, and Switch

Though they didn’t mention Switch on stage, it is later confirmed that the game WILL be coming to Nintendo’s newest console.

5. The 30th anniversary is a heavy focus for the developer

They will prepare some amusing recurring themes from the previous games. For example, the game world’s name is a reference to Roto, the Japanese name for Erdrick, the recurring legendary hero from the series. And speaking of recurring themes…

6. Casino and Puff Puff will return

We’ll be able to bet our hard-earned money for slots, poker, and other mini games. Being released on current-gen, there will also be some special features in the game that will make use of the platform’s capability.

7. The features will be platform specific

The Nintendo 3DS version will have a StreetPass function that will “make you want to go outside.” No words have been given for the PS4 or Switch version feature set, but we’re sure to keep us updated.

8. The story will focus on the hero

In addition, the game will be similar to Dragon Quest IV in how players recruit new characters and forms a party. Fans took this news with great excitement, and who can blame them?

9. It will be a standalone RPG

We’ve known this for quite some time, but Dragon Quest XI will be an offline game, unlike Dragon Quest X.

10. The first numbered game after VIII to appear on Playstation platform

Yes, we’ve seen Dragon Quest Heroes and Builders, but as far as numbered Dragon Quest titles go, this is the first after VIII to grace a Playstation platform.

11. The key developers felt like they were making three different games

As mentioned above, each platform will have a different feature set. However, we can take the developer’s comment as an indication of how different the game will look and feel on each platform. And we will be patiently waiting for the developers to spill on more details.


With promises of recurring themes and features reminiscent of older Dragon Quest titles, Dragon Quest XI promises to be a game all the fans will enjoy, old or new. What do you think about the trailer? What feature you want to see added to PS4’s and Switch’s version? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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