15 Best Garry’s Mod Addons and Mods of 2017 So Far

Garry's Mod has a crazy active community of amazing modders. Here are some of the best of 2017 so far.

Garry's Mod has a crazy active community of amazing modders. Here are some of the best of 2017 so far.
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Garry's Mod has been around for well over a decade, but mods for the game continue to be released on a nearly day to day basis on the Steam workshop. So today, we're going to take a look at 15 mods and addons for Garry's Mod that range from different player models and games, to props, cool tunes from 1999, maps, alchemy, and even stuff from Star Wars!


Gameboy Advance Prop

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Ever wanted to create a scene within Garry's Mod where your models or props are lounging around playing a GBA? Well, thanks to Steam user Spicey_Apples, now you can!

This mod also includes numerous GBA cartridges ranging from Final Fantasy VI to Fire Emblem. Yet oddly enough, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire only have gray cartridges. Guess you'll just have to use your imagination for that one. 

NieR: Automata 2B Playermodel, NPC, and Ragdoll

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NieR: Automata is so far one of my favorite games of 2017. Now you can have everyone's second favorite android (9S is obviously the best) in Garry's Mod, thanks to Steam user Kuma.

With features such as a first-person view, hands and arms, eye and finger posing, and proper physics effects for her hair and skirt, you'll be able to become 2B in your favorite Garry's Mod games and modes, or include her in your next Garry's Mod scene or project.

Left 4 Dead-Style Destructible Doors

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Have you ever wanted to host a game or mode on your Garry's Mod server then break down a door someone's hiding behind and yell "HERE'S JOHNNY!"? Well, now you can thanks to steam user [SW] Pépin.

This mod is essentially a script that replaces every door within Garry's Mod with the doors found in Left 4 Dead 2, making them fully destructible. As you can probably already imagine, this has the potential for plenty of uses in different game modes, servers, or creating scenes within Garry's Mod itself.



AT-AT From Star Wars

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I wager the "Seven Hour War" from within the Half-Life universe could've ended up very different if we had AT-ATs on our side. Well fear not, thanks to Steam user Badger, now you can have the armored troop transports from Star Wars in Garry's Mod!

This isn't just a prop, either; it's fully functional and can be used and operated with the arrow keys, and if you have turrets equipped, they can be fired with the numpad keys. All we need next are snow speeders so we can tangle these AT-ATs up, tripping them while watching the wacky physics shenanigans go haywire.

Dreadnaught Airship

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Have you ever wanted to roll up on someone in a giant airship within Garry's Mod? Now you can, thanks to Steam user MachineCult, who created this monstrous airship known as the "Dreadnaught".

Just like the AT-AT, it's also fully functional and can be operated with the arrow keys. Just good luck finding an actual map big enough to really make use of this monstrosity. 


Disc Data Storage Model Pack

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This prop pack includes a number of floppy discs, CD's, jewel cases, DVD cases, and a variety of different big box games and different skins for your Garry's Mod prop set. You'll be able to spice up different scenes or environments in Garry's Mod with recognizable game covers such as DOOM, Quake, System Shock 2, Metal Gear Solid, and more thanks to Steam user Spicy_Apples.

I could pretty much recreate my own room in Garry's Mod 
with all these different prop packs.


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Have you ever wanted to rock the microphone straight from the top of your dome in Garry's Mod? Well, you're in luck thanks to Steam user -hg- Hoe face, who has gone ahead and added everyone's favorite tune straight out of the year 1999, "Freestyla," from Bombfunk MC.

This is essentially just a dupe mod/animation added to Garry's Mod that spawns in random combinations that cause you to spin around on the ground. It's cool for a good laugh and could have more potential if used with other mods -- especially for any Half-life rave scenes you're planning.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Sunrise Model-Pack 3 (PM & NPC)

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"Cheeki breeki, Stalker go home!" Yes, everyone's favorite man-made hell and Chernobyl-zone inhabitants have been added to Garry's Mod -- now in the form of player models, thanks to Steam user HelloComputer. 

So now you can play as a random grunt from your favorite faction in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series! There are a number of different skins from different factions within S.T.A.L.K.E.R. itself, and all you need now is a guitar prop, a nice, comfy fire, and four of these fellows sitting around it (with this playing), and you're set.

Garfield Playermodel & Ragdoll

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Ever wanted to recreate a Garfield comic strip within Garry's Mod? Well thanks to Steam user Yevocore, now you can. This is basically another player model addon for Garry's Mod, so whether you're making different scenes or projects in Garry's Mod, you can either play as or bring along everyone's favorite furry cat. 

Who doesn't want to shoot headcrab zombies with Garfield? That sounds like my cup of tea. I can't wait to enter random servers with this addon enabled and then complain about Mondays on my microphone until I'm kicked. Or worse yet, create my own Garfield RP server! (You know you'd play it.)


Gnome Chompski

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Ah yes, everyone's favorite Gnome from Half-Life 2 and Left 4 Dead 2, the same one you may have potentially tried (and failed a dozen times over like I have) carrying through an entire campaign for an achievement. Well thanks to Steam user Splinks, you can instead play as or use him in Garry's Mod!

Continuing the trend of player models, you'll be able to play as Gnome Chompski in your favorite Garry's Mod games or modes. It also includes face flexing and finger posing, perfect for setting up different scenes within Garry's Mod (like in the first image).

Alchemy Mod

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From steam user Xenikay comes the alchemy mod. It allows you to craft different potions and concoctions, including a variety of recipes and ingredients to choose from within Garry's Mod.

Perfect for spicing up your own server or favorite game mode, the Alchemy mod lets you pull off shenanigans like tricking your friends into drinking certain potions or turning them into head crabs. This mod adds the potential to really mix up different modes and games within Garry's Mod.


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This mod brings headcrabs to Garry's Mod -- but that's not all. Not only are they props, they spawn! Now they become actual terrifying headcrabs from within the Half-Life universe, thanks to Steam user Shakes. 

They can latch on to NPCs or players if those NPCs or players die, turning them effectively into headcrab zombies. This is perfect for a potential Half-Life RP server or possible zombie game mode.

Blackbrook Asylum

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This spooky map from Steam user CWardee is known as the "Blackbrook Asylum". Perfect for a potential zombie survival game mode, RP server, or hide and seek style games within Garry's Mod, this creepy mod makes a typical game all the more frightening. 

CWardee describes this map as a 20th century derelict insane asylum that has been overgrown by nature. According to comments, it's filled with plenty of spooky props, too. So player beware.  


World War I Trenches

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With returning to World War I and World War II being all the rage now for modern day shooters, it shouldn't surprise you that modders such as Steam user MasterChiefJLPS are aiming to do the same for other genres in the gaming world. This map aims to re-create trench warfare from the Great War itself.

This map is perfect for a number of potential RP servers, game modes, or creating the perfect World War I inspired scene within Garry's Mod itself.

GGBA - GBA Emulator

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We started this showcase with a simple Gameboy Advance prop, but now we end on something a million times better -- a Gameboy Advance Emulator mod for Garry's Mod!

From Steam user Kosman, this mod is somewhat self-explanatory. It allows you to emulate the Gameboy Advance within Garry's Mod. You'll need a legal ROM and .gba file. Once you have that, you'll need upload it to Dropbox and copy the link for it. Once in Garry's Mod, paste the link into the "ROM URL" box within GGBA and presto!

So now you can download that Gameboy Advance prop from the start of this list and potentially turn it into a functional Gameboy Advance within Garry's Mod! You'll be playing video games within a video game. Talk about meta!


Garry's Mod clearly has a thriving community and a plethora of highly creative content creators. Not only are these curators making adjustments to the mods they've already created, but they're also creating brand new mods, too. So be sure to constantly check GM's Steam Workshop page to see what's getting made!  

Do you have any mod recommendations? Let us know in the comments down below!