Here's another awesome selection of Minecraft seeds for you. This time it's all about blacksmiths.

20 awesome Minecraft seeds with blacksmiths

Here's another awesome selection of Minecraft seeds for you. This time it's all about blacksmiths.
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Need some help finding villages with blacksmiths in Minecraft? Good, because we have a selection of awesome seeds to offer. This list includes different biomes and locations, mostly savannas and deserts. But you’ll find a couple of islands, as well.

Most of these seeds work with Minecraft 1.8 and other earlier builds, but if you’re looking for more recent Minecraft 1.9 version seeds, then head towards this top 20 list.

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Seed: 1001
Version: 1.7+

Spawn at the edge of the plains biome, some thirty blocks away from the village. If you go through a small river on the big desert biome, you will find another village with the blacksmith. At a distance of about a hundred blocks from there, you will stumble upon a vast savanna biome. This is a beautiful seed with two villages: one is quite small, but the other is big enough.

Seed: imdying
Version: 1.8

Spawn near a small village on the hillside by the blue lake in the vast plains, surrounded by dense birch forests. The village includes a blacksmith, the surface of some hot lava, and a small cave. From time to time horses will spawn, which is quite convenient. You can also find fields with wheat and potatoes at the following coordinates: -137 116 151.

Seed: 3657966
Version: 1.8

This is an awesome seed. It contains villages with NPCs, eleven diamonds, a beautiful mushroom biome, underground mines, a prison and a deserted temple. In the village you can find a blacksmith, who is very close to the spawn.

Points of Interest:

-123 55 118 - Golden apples and mobs.
-150 53 201 - Temple in the desert with diamonds.
-603 75 254 - Mushroom biome.
-397 35 405 - A huge gorge.
-397 35 405 - 8 diamonds.
-397 35 405 - Abandoned mines.

Seed: 3793895581523405556
Version: 1.7.2-1.7.9

Spawn very close to a small village with a blacksmith. After a careful study of the village you will find diamonds, obsidian, and iron. Near the village there is a cave. On its walls you may find the diamond horse armor, buckets, wheels, and other interesting items. Use these coordinates to find this village fast: 177 81 -183.

Seed: 7520425654603960881
Version: 1.7+

Another excellent seed that is perfectly suited for the desperate adventurers looking for valuable treasures. This seed is extremely varied. It includes a small beautiful village with a blacksmith, deep mysterious canyons, scenic forests, and a whole lot of animals. Explore dark caves and get lucky – maybe you will become the owner of a rare treasure. Coordinates of the village with a blacksmith: -17 62 306.

Seed: -740566427
Version: 1.8

Spawn in the village with a blacksmith, a chest with three diamonds, and an iron horse armor. The village has potatoes, but no carrots, unfortunately. It's surrounded by multitudes of plains, as well as dark and normal forests. Horses spawn at the following coordinates: 400 65 380.

Seed: -6167396346125180901
Version: 1.8.1

Spawn close to a nice village with a blacksmith and loads of caverns with lava pools and diamonds. If you roam around and search for a little bit, you will find two strongholds close to each other in the nether, with all sorts of animals close by.

Seed: -914498149564100314
Version: 1.7.9

Another great village seed for you with plenty of NPCs, including a blacksmith, and some valuable loot. You will find a chest with diamonds and a sword. In addition, there are horses, donkeys and pigs prancing around. This is an awesome seed to spawn and begin a new adventure.

Seed: 2043584565
Version: 1.7.4

This is a huge seed with seven diamonds at spawn, and another 43 diamonds in the temples and below. You spawn near the village with a blacksmith, but there are plenty other villages around, small and big, some with and others without blacksmiths. The main biome is a desert; however, you can find small plains around, as well.

Seed: -6061212247400511253
Version: 1.7.4, 1.8

Spawn on the surface of a small X-shaped island with a village and a blacksmith. There are plenty of cows, pigs and sheep for breeding. The main biome is plains with a little bit of forest and plenty of trees. Just 50 blocks north of the island, there’s a mainland. About 700 blocks to the east, you'll find a stronghold, and about 800 blocks to the north, there's a huge mesa plains and mesa plateau biome.

Seed: 5576335384210086040
Version: 1.7.2

Spawn near a village and another three villages in close vicinity with blacksmiths and loot. In the desert area. there’s a temple with a lot of valuables, such as diamonds, iron horse armor, saddle, and some gold. Nearby there’s a dungeon with some more loot for you. Here are the coordinates:

Village #1: at spawn
Village #2: X -191 Z 699
Village #3: X 65 Z 753
Village #4: X 84 Z -349
Temple: X 233 Z 842

Seed: 2582843851556645164
Version: 1.7.2

This seed is a bit special because it’s not even a village, just a lone blacksmith’s settlement, a small church, and a well. That’s not much, but look at the opportunities to build your own town on this picturesque piece of land. You have everything you need to start the project, so turn it into something outstanding and share it with your friends.

Seed: 5612324708755017149
Version: 1.7.2

Spawn near the village with a smithy that has a sword and a diamond for you. It is located on the outskirts of the desert, so you have two biomes to work with, including plains. This area hasn’t been explored well, so maybe you can even find some temples with other great things hiding inside.

Seed: 9090851934703349014
Version: 1.8.1

Spawn in a desert biome right next to a small village and a temple. Head straight to that temple to find 9 diamonds at: -160 70 30. Another temple with more diamonds can be found at: 570 68 220. If you’re looking for something extra, then go to -273 63 921 for a stronghold with an End Portal. Nearby there’s a ravine and a few abandoned mineshafts.

Seed: -5266416014843159109
Version: 1.8

Hope you don’t mind another village with a blacksmith and an amazing stronghold some 500 blocks to the East. The loot chest includes 6 diamonds and iron armor. In order to reach the strong hold, head down the cave formation and hit a couple of blocks. Inside you will find an End Portal.

Seed: -8679052598817182127
Version: 1.8.8

This is a really big village. There are lots of villagers and plenty of big houses and farms. As for the loot, there's a huge amount of obsidian and even a set of golden horse armor right in the village. This awesome seed includes many caves nearby, where there might be a saddle. There are horses near the village if you wish to use the horse armor.

Seed: 3657966
Version: 1.8.1

The smithy at this village has some gold and an iron pickaxe in his chest. To the west of the NPC village you will find a dungeon with a couple of chests, including an extremely rare golden apple. Go to the following coordinates -150 53 201 in order to find a desert temple with a lot of valuable loot, such as diamonds, gold, and a horse saddle.

Seed: 6804828293754361181
Version: 1.8

This amazing seed lets you spawn right near an abandoned mineshaft. If you go in the northern direction, you will arrive at a mesa biome. A bit further to the north, there’s a village with NPCs and a blacksmith. If you don’t wish to travel on foot, just teleport to these coordinates, 290 67 -330, in order to immediately arrive at the village.

Seed: -4945643149048364894
Version: 1.8.8

Spawn at another desert village with an awesome cave nearby, which is well worth checking out. Don’t forget to loot the blacksmith’s chest for some valuables. Travel around this biome to find two more villages, though they're not as big as the first one. However, both of them have their own smiths with chests full of diamonds, pickaxes, and other goodies.

Seed: 8927791383109282168
Version: 1.8.8

The two villages you get to spawn nearby have a pretty amazing water river system between and around them. Both villages have blacksmiths, which is simply awesome. One of the villages is surrounded by a thick forest, so you will have enough woodwork on your hands. The other village is located at the foot of the mountain. It's quite rare for Minecraft to have two big villages that are located so close to each other.

You can choose any of these awesome seeds with blacksmiths. All you need to do is find the compatible version for your current Minecraft build and choose the most attractive biome, whether it’s a desert, a savanna, or plains. I personally really like the one with the island (slide #11), where I had a lot of fun with spiders spawning at the caves.

Share your favorite seeds with your friends and let us know which ones you liked the most in the comments below!

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