Which games would make the best transition to mobile?

3 Games That Would Make Awesome Mobile Games

Which games would make the best transition to mobile?

Smartphones allow for on-the-go gaming away from a T.V. and home console, perfect for long road trips or quick gaming sessions throughout the day. Mobile games like Clash of Clans and Candy Crush offer the appeal of easy gameplay and simple objectives while still providing fun and rewarding experiences.

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So many games are already being developed for, or ported to, the platform because developers notice and are taking advantage of the tremendous number of people who can access the mobile platform. Almost everyone has a smartphone, so almost everyone can download these types of games. This being said, the mobile platform provides the base for a huge multiplayer community, perfect for the builder genre.

Here’s a list of 3 games that I think would work just as nicely on your smartphone because they can make the most of the audience and limitations of the platform.

Super Mario Maker

Having the game on a phone rather than a WiiU or 3DS allows more people to have access to the game, increasing the already large number of Super Mario Maker players. Putting the game in a position to increase its user base leads to more levels and creative challenges players can provide each other.

As far as construction games go, they do pretty well on a mobile platform since they give people a huge amount of control over how they go through the game. This would just add the benefit of letting the audience control each other’s experience too, crafting stages that can be merciful or merciless.

The mobile platform could possibly make the game more interactive by providing a screen players would physically interact with, tapping and sliding across their phones to create and play through levels. With the upcoming Super Mario Run, this may be a possibility.


This pixel-style RPG sandbox adventure is the perfect game to transition onto a mobile medium. The platform would provide a larger audience to build up the multiplayer mode the game already offers, making it possible to get help and make friends while traveling through alien planets.

The pixel style would transition quite well to a phone. You wouldn’t necessarily need ultra-HD resolution to enjoy the game since that comes from the gameplay and sense of adventure. Not to mention, the open-world format ensures players always come back.

Stardew Valley

Another pixelated RPG, this game is basically a farming simulator, but it’s still managed to be a popular buy. Mixing together a lovely soundtrack, memorable characters, and endless content lets players actually care about the game more than other agriculture-based games.

Again, the pixel style would transition nicely to a mobile game and the calm atmosphere would grab the attention of a lot of people who are used to easygoing mobile games. Couple that with a never-ending list of things you can do in the game and you’ve got the next FarmVille, just with less Facebook requests.

What games do you think would make for good mobile ports? Let me know in the comments below!

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