Yesterday's Nintendo Switch reveal kick started the inventive minds at Reddit. Here are some of the ideas they've come up with.

3 of Reddit’s Most Brilliant Ideas for the Nintendo Switch

Yesterday's Nintendo Switch reveal kick started the inventive minds at Reddit. Here are some of the ideas they've come up with.

The Nintendo Switch reveal took the Internet by storm yesterday. As expected with any big Nintendo reveal, reactions from gamers and casual players alike were largely mixed.

Many people adore the Nintendo Switch and believe a portable home console is nothing short of amazing. Skeptics, however, aren't convinced that the console will succeed with such a niche target market.

Ultimately, only time will tell whether the Nintendo Switch is a success or not. Nintendo even went on record declaring that they don't have any more news for us regarding the console until 2017. So let's have a little fun while we wait for the dawn of the new year.

Since the reveal yesterday, Reddit has been hard at work coming up with ideas to make the already jaw-dropping Nintendo Switch console even snazzier. We scoured the depths of Downvote Valley to bring you the most brilliant ideas, straight from Redditors like you.

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Solution to Improve Battery

Easily one of the biggest concerns about the Nintendo Switch is the battery. The Wii U Gamepad wasn't exactly known for it's stellar battery life. At most you could squeeze out 3 hours on it before you had to plug it back into a charger.

Redditor /u/Ragerodracir came up with a clever solution. Simply hook two battery packs into the Joy-Con slots! Now this doesn't solve the issue of Joy-Con battery life, but it's sure to keep the Nintendo Switch up and running for hours if not days.

We've yet to hear how long the battery is expected to last. Though if the Wii U gamepad and New 3DS XL are any indication, we're looking at somewhere between 3 and 6 hours.

Source: Reddit

Nintendo Pocket - Joy-Con compatible phone

This is another image cooked up with mad Photoshop skills by Redditor /u/MrFudg. Imagine playing mobile games by connecting your Joy-Cons to your phone. Wouldn't that be a hoot?

Nintendo already confirmed network compatibility between smart phones and their consoles during their DeNA partnership announcement. Now, that doesn't mean Nintendo is working on their own smartphone, but you can expect to see more Nintendo Network features on your phone in the future.

Source: Reddit

Custom Joy-Con Controllers

Redditor /u/hero_light came up with a brilliant idea after the Nintendo Switch reveal yesterday. Just take a look at the potential custom controllers have for certain games.

Now this is most certainly what we like to call a gimmick. Nintendo is well known for these so-called gimmicks. Another gimmick is the last thing Nintendo needs if they hope to capture the hearts of 20 million gamers within the first year, like they project.

However, custom Joy-Cons could be a fun gimmick later on down the line for dedicated fans who want that extra bit of pizazz while playing their games.

What did you think of the Nintendo Switch reveal? Anything you're particularly giddy about? Any concerns? Join the discussion in the comments below!

Source: Reddit

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